Welcome to Dying Well


Although we are surrounded by death on a daily basis, few people choose to openly discuss the topic.  This semester, we will be using our blog as a way to jump start conversation about death and dying.  Our blog is designed to challenge our current ideas about death and to examine our personal attitudes toward end-of-life.  Throughout the semester we will use our blog as a medium to continue class discussions and to delve deeper into the subject matter.  Our blog is an informal place where we can learn, explore, and develop new ideas.  So, let’s get blogging!


One thought on “Welcome to Dying Well

  1. Death is inevitable and beautiful. Inevitable because we all know its coming one day, beautiful because in the face of death, everything turns to nothing.

    All the wealth the world can offer, all the beauty, nature can offer and everything we treasure so much just means nothing no more.

    Death is what makes life worth living for. I just wish people understand this and live a meaningful life, rather than fighting for wealth and in war.

    From the day we are born, we are slowly crawling closer to death and what you do in between these lines will matter the most to us.

    I recently wrote an article about death and thought it would give more insight to what we really want to know on death.

    – Vasanth

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