When you hear the words “death,” dying,” and “dead,” what do you picture?

Here’s what our class pictures when we hear the word:  DEATH, DYING, or DEAD:



5 thoughts on “When you hear the words “death,” dying,” and “dead,” what do you picture?

  1. I really like the collage but what does the shape represent and it seems as if the more emotional words are screaming out louder than the rest!!

  2. Your right! Some words do seem to be screaming out louder than others. That’s because more people in class mentioned those words when they thought about death. You can tell from the image that most of our class associated death with: funerals, elderly, sadness, crying, hospitals, caskets, etc.

  3. The part that sticks out most to me happens to be the fact that I feel like the words are making a shape, when really I don’t think that is intentional at all. But, when I think of Death I mostly just think of the ones I love and taking care of them. I rarely think about myself, but maybe that’s just how I am….

  4. The words that are bigger to me are the words used most often to describe death. Words I would describe death are funeral, sadness and old. I also don’t think about my own death all the time as compared to my friends and family dying.

  5. “All men must die, perhaps I too.” This image is striking – especially with the big words that loom out. Though I fear death and the idea of dying saddens and numbs me at the same time, I can’t help but imagine the afterlife of death to be as empty as described by Neil Gaiman in one too many of his books. The idea of a life or non-life after death makes me anxious, makes me feel sort of excited but if death turns out to be the way Neil Gaiman explains it, a few lines from his book American Gods quite elevates the reason why humans cherish their lives so much, and that the thought of absolute finality of departing from this world depresses most; “and already it was beginning to feel like something that happened to somebody else, a long time ago” ; “I want to be alive again, not in this half-life. I want to be really alive. i want to feel my heart pumping in my chest again. I want to feel the blood moving through me – hot and salty, and real.”

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