Personal Death Awareness

One of the most helpful ways to understand your personal awareness of death is to take a moment to recall the number of times TODAY that you’ve thought about your own death.  Your personal death awareness is a fluctuating phenomenon, moving up and down daily…some days, the thought of your own death may never have crossed your mind; whereas other days, you may find yourself seriously pondering your own death and mortality.

Yesterday in class, we examined our own personal death awareness and looked at the death that we most and least preferred.  Here’s what our class said:




2 thoughts on “Personal Death Awareness

  1. I make up part of the 2% so im surprised to see such a low percentage who prefer not to die at all. Is it because Death is innevitable or is our society more accepting to Death and Dying than we may believe?

  2. I never really thought too much about death and dying until I started this class. It really opened my eyes up. Now, every time I watch a movie or tv show where someone dies, I can’t help but examine the reactions of their loved ones and all the ethical and legal issues that go along with it that we talked about in class. The most recent death I saw on tv was of a main character being taken off of life support. I can’t help but wonder what I would have done in that situation if it was up to me to keep her on or off life support. It’s a tough decision, but I like that this class is helping me deal with this sensitive subject.

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