The Last Song

In this prompt I will be referring to the movie “The Last Song”. The main characters in this movie are, Miley Cyrus who plays the role as Ronnie Miller and Greg Kinear who plays the role as Steve Miller, Ronnie’s father. Ronnie, who is a rebellious 18 year old girl is sent to live with her father in a southern beach town for the summer. After many years of dealing with her parents divorce and sharing their love for music, Ronnie learns to reconnect with her father. As the summer progresses, Ronnie learns of her fathers cancer. After which, Ronnie decides to spend the rest of the summer with her father to help take care of him; instead, of going home with her mother. Throughout the movie, Steve spends most of his nights playing the piano and working on the last song in which he hoped he would finish before he died. A once rebellious girl who didn’t want to go to college and have anything to do with music, picks up where she left off and helps her father in finishing the song. Throughout the end while listening to Ronnie play and finish the song, Steve is sitting out on the porch, facing the waves and slowly closes his eyes and lets go. As the music stops and she finishes the song, Ronnie finds her dad dead as he slipped away peacefully with all the things he loved around him.

Death is inevitable, and I truly believe that others know and think the same way. Death is always waiting right around the corner as life is begging you to take advantage of the people and things you have in your life. We see death everywhere whether it be on the news, T.V shows, personal experiences, and even in movies. There are many perceptions of death in the american culture. Some believe it to be beautiful, a process of life, and a way in which the world goes round. Others believe death to be a horrific event, something that shouldn’t exist, and something that happens because the healthcare system failed to save the life of their loved one.

In some cultures it is known for the women to be the caregivers to their loved ones or friends, women take on more stress, and women holds the hands and hearts of their loved ones forever; whereas, men hold their loved ones hands for a little while. In this film, Ronnie was the caretaker for her father. She took care of him, fed him, and kept him company on his last few weeks of life. I used this movie as an example because the experience that the movie played on death I believe is how the world views death to be. We forsee death as passing away quietly, with loved ones surrounding the sick or dying, and/ or dying in your sleep without feeling any pain. Just like this movie portrayed death is how I believe the american culture seems to perceive death as well.

I can relate to my own life experiences with death. I was the care taker for my father when he was sick, I helped get him to the hospital, I stayed by his bedside day after day. I missed a lot of school, work, and life experiences. I too thought that my dad was going to sleep away quietly in his sleep while being surrounded by his family as he took his final last breaths. My imagination would often take me to the day that he would die and I would be there, holding his hand, telling him the final last words that I wanted to say, and watching his peacefully leave this earth. However, I know that things don’t always work out to be the way in which you imagine it to be. It doesn’t always happen the way you perceive death to be. This film really portrayed death to be exactly what many individuals perceive death to be peaceful, quiet, and surrounded by their last unforgettable moments.


3 thoughts on “The Last Song

  1. I totally agree with your opinion “Death is inevitable, and I truly believe that others know and think the same way”. Death is not something that anyone completely denies but rather something they don’t think about in general day-to-day life. There are many perceptions of how this ultimatum in life may be achieved. As you have stated it is either in the peaceful way which most would prefer in a bed, lying next to loved ones as you slowly pass away, but there is also the other side of the story which involves horrific medical scenarios or tragic events. This delineation between the two ways in which death is perceived creates a huge differential in the views that many have towards death as a whole.

  2. Finding out ahead of time when a loved one is going to die allows you to spend as much time with them and share your true feelings that may have gone unsaid if they had died unexpectedly. An example from The Last Song is when Ronnie decides to spend the summer with her dad instead of her mother. People view death in many ways. Some don’t like talking or thinking about their death while others like sharing their feelings. In other movies they show the person hooked up to machines where loved ones have to see them suffering while in this movie shows him dying comfortably.

  3. When death knocks at your door, you have to open it. It is an evitable situation. That is the main theme of the movie, “The Last Song.” However, knowing when you are going die really brings life into perspective. It makes you reevaluate the things in life that are really important such as family. The same goes for knowing when someone close to you is going to die. In “The Last Song,” as soon as Miley knew that her father was close to his end, she quickly changed her attitude towards life and her rebellious stubborn behavior towards him. His upcoming death made her appreciate him. However, I feel that is unfortunate and sad how society tends to truly cherish life only after someone is close to his or her death or when they have already passed away. This speaks a lot about the way humanity deals with death. It shows that we put aside any thoughts of death, so we do not have to have reminded of our miserable fate.

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