Remember Me

“Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it’s important that you do it because nobody else will.” Today is September 11th and the movie Remember Me portrays the events that happened on this day just 12 years ago and this quote was the most memorable line from the movie. In the beginning of the movie, the main character Tyler Hawkins, played by Robert Pattinson, is a rebellious, artistic, 22 year old NYU student, who is trying to get through the loss of his older brother, Michael, to suicide. He blames his father for not giving his children the proper attention and care a father should provide, especially for his 11 year old kid sister, Caroline, who is getting bullied in school. Through all of Tyler’s rage, he ends up getting arrested and dates the police officer’s daughter in revenge, where instead they fall in love, only to be short lived when Tyler goes to speak to his father who works in the World Trade Center. While he waits for his father to show up to his office, the tragedy of September 11th strikes and he is killed in the process.

Death and dying is portrayed in this movie through tragedy. This recent tragedy has affected each and every one of us in some way or another and it is very moving. I think it is very helpful to watch this type of death. We learn that death can happen at any time or any place you just don’t know when. Not everybody dies a peaceful death or at an old age, like most people want us to believe. The news is always about how people get murdered, it’s never about somebody’s grandma dying peacefully in her sleep. This movie shows the horrific terrorist attack that killed thousands of innocent people, but follows the life of only one person. In the movie, Tyler’s family mourns his grave while wearing all black. They place stones on top of his grave to pay respect and there is a lot of hugging and crying. This is an accurate description of how many of us mourn the loss of a loved one today. After Tyler’s death, we see that his father has come to a realization that he needs to take better care of his daughter, after already losing two sons within a year.

Many of us take the death of a young person hard because they hardly got to live a full life. I have experienced a few deaths of students I went to school with and it is very hard to accept the fact that they are gone. I believe we live in a death denying culture. While I did not personally know any of the people who died in 9/11, I will never forget that day and how it impacted my life. Just like the students I went to school with, they will never be forgotten.


3 thoughts on “Remember Me

  1. @Kcholak I remember the first time I saw this movie was on accident and I had no idea it was about 9-11. What was evoked so remarkably was the streams of emotions from the young man and the woman he loved.The story built up on the reflection of growing and learning to become a better person through the guidance and acceptance of your significant other, which made the character Tyler grow and find himself without expecting to really fall in love.It was a very dramatic death, one because it happened when there was suppose to be a step forward in the relationship with his father and two because it highlighted a moment of history. The media used the vastness of how many deaths occurred in that one horrible day with a story that many individuals can relate to. I thought it was clever to show foreshadowing scenes instead of making big explosions and mega movie effects, you saw the expression of shock running through the streets and you understood something terrible was going on. The mourning and expressionless reaction of the father half lingering in his kitchen and looking at his little girl, it all portrayed the effects of death.More then anything, I enjoyed the story and how it connects to the reality of death, I felt it built on how the characters were effected and how they turn out in the end. Good choice for a movie!

  2. Your pick for this first prompt was an excellent choice to evaluate death and dying in a denying culture in my opinion. Not just because of the timing but because this movie was meant to express the true emotion of that day that nobody will ever forget. The sadness that developed out of many families and friends that experienced a loss or just a heartache from watching the event that happened on 9/11 creates an impact on society. It may challenge society by making people more sensitive and emotional, creating them to have a better understanding on life and loss.
    When I first saw that movie I had no idea that the scene was set in the time period when the attacks on September 11th occurred. I remember watching it with my sister and mom and how it caught us so off guard. Remember Me brought back that terrifying day but didn’t come out until 2010, which I believe it’s a good thing that the director waited and gave the citizens of America some time to cope with the horrific loss of so many people.
    Remember Me was supposed to express the loss of Robert Pattinson’s character and how it affected his family and friends. In the clip you provided from YouTube the movie shows how life goes on but you can still see the sadness in the eyes of his family and friends and can tell that they still remember him everyday. Also, this movie tried to help others realize that you shouldn’t just remember the loss of those people as a whole. Americans should remember each of those people had individual lives, their own family, their own friendships, and they lost it because of the mindless few on those planes that wanted to break America apart. Again, good choice on your first prompt, I enjoyed reading it!

  3. Remember Me was actually my first choice for this prompt if you hadn’t beaten me to it! This film is fantastic. I personally love Robert Pattinson; therefore, I was devastated at the end of the movie when I found out he was going to be a victim of September 11th. My mom had to leave the room when she figured out what the outcome would be. I was completely caught off guard when I realized he was going to die. It was so unexpected. I feel as though this film portrays death accurately. In real life, people are surprised when bad things happen to good people. Pattinson was a sweetheart; he was loving, caring, and a charmer. The father, who neglected both him and his sister, realizes how foolish he is when he sees the twin towers crumbling down. His facial expressions say it all. People who never appreciated their loved ones are crushed when they know they cannot give love they should have given. I would like to point out that I’m glad you discussed the funeral scene because it identical to that of a funeral in real life.

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