Marley and Me



When the topic of death occurring within a movie or TV show comes up, plenty of ideas come to my head. One in particular that comes up was one that Ihave recently watch, Marley and Me. This movie is based on a young couple who are movie south to Florida for a nice change of scenery. They decide to adopt a dog and their final decision winds up being a yellow lab who they name, Marley. The second the dog is brought to their new home, the dog goes crazy and tears into everything, destroying everything in its path. As time passes, the dog begins to settle into the home and the young couple truly sees how much they love the dog. As you are viewing this movie you cannot help but fall in love with Marley. As we all know, every good thing must come to an end and Marley falls very sick with no chance of being saved. Marley is soon put to sleep and dies in his best friends arms.

Death in this film is shown by the beginning of suffering and soon after, passing away peacefully with loved ones by their side. Death occurs in many forms every single day and the loved ones

who have to endure their passing all have different methods of coping with the loss. I believe the portrayal of death is useful within this film because you can interpret it as an elderly couple sleeping together, holding one another, when one passes away peacefully in their sleep.

I believe the media does a terrible job at portraying death to our society and all its viewers. When you turn on the news, I cant remember the last time they played a 5 minute segment of something positive. Every message they give is about the catastrophes occurring around the world and the immense amounts of suffering. Never do you turn your tv on to hear “Jane Doe, active member in the community, passed away last night holding her husband of 65 years hand. She will be missed by many.” I believe this to be a big reason as to why people in our society have such a negative outlook on death and dying.  I don’t think they do a good job of showing the diverse ways our culture deals with death because I feel like the way they display death is more of a one-way street. I definitely believe that the way the media portrays death and dying and a “death denying culture.” Maybe if they were to change the way they discussed the topics of death society as a whole can grow together in better understanding the concept of how prevalent death is in our daily lives.

I would highly recommend this movie. 🙂

Here’s the trailer to the film:


5 thoughts on “Marley and Me

  1. I really enjoyed how you used the movie Marley and Me. I think it’s quite interesting because although Marley isn’t a person he has a huge impact as a character throughout the film. At first I was deeply annoyed Marley but I, like many fell in love with the puppy. Most movies tend to portray death as a more peaceful passing even thought we all know not all deaths a peaceful. I believe the news is both positive and negative. The one major problem I have with the news is in the end, it’s really a business so sometime the media doesn’t really care too much of what they put out because they are being told what to put out by a higher power. The newspaper on the other hand always has obituaries which might not be the most happiest things but many are pretty positive when it comes to a loved one passing away.

  2. I would totally have to agree with you on the fact that that media makes death sound terrible. No wonder everyone “fears” death so much. I have to say that I do believe the news picks the most “attention worthy” stories to tell, peaceful deaths of old people aren’t exactly “attention grabbers,” just to be blunt. I love that you picked Marley and Me, that movie is so sweet. I remember that as soon as I started the movie, I was thinking to myself “Yup, the dog is gonna die at the end,” just because most movies with animals in that context end in death, funny how that works huh? But anyways I would more than agree with you that the movie is a great recommendation to anyone.

  3. Very nice post. I really do like some of the points that you brought up. I think it is very interesting how you also noticed that death in the media and especially the news is always the more extreme types such as homicides, hit and runs, etc. The media seems to like to focus on the worse cases of death, but rarely talk about the less harsh deaths where people die peacefully and happily. Also, the movie Marley and Me is a very touching film that portrays death pretty well and shows many lessons that have to do with a loved one dying. Learning from movies like this one that accurately portray death can help us better understand the inevitable issue of death and the things that come along with it.

  4. I absolutely adore this movie. I think the fact that the main character is a dog and not a human being changes the aspect of dealing with death a little bit more. People tend to be able to talk about their animals a little bit more. I personally, have never had someone close to me die, but I have had an animal that I love fall ill and die when I was a child. It’s a very emotion invoking movie and shows ways of how to deal with death when it comes to not humans, but an animal that you love just as much.

  5. Marley and Me is also one of my favorite movies. Me being an owner of a yellow lab, I could really feel the emotion in this movie. At the end it was the first movie I have cried in. It was definitely a good way to portray how the loss of an animal can affect a family and individual people. I was just thinking whole time about my own dog and how one day she will die too. I agree with you with your take on how the media portrays death. I too have never turned on the news and they were actually talking about something positive. All in all good movie choice and good post.

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