Defiance & Denial

Defiance & Denial

I don’t believe this was a very popular movie but to me as a brother the scene became strongly heartfelt as I continued to see the movie after the first time. There are many deaths that occur in the movie but the scene where the main Actor Daniel Craig and his 3 brothers all younger than him and at all different ages had to witness their parents death is what I will be referring to. I personally believe that everybody who makes the family “a family” plays a specific role or is expected to play a specific role when events like death occur or even events that are expected to be enjoyed. Consequently, through my experiences and expectations the scene displayed accordingly to theory or thought of every individual plays a specific role or would at least try to. The eldest brother displays strength and compassion while then assuming the role as the parent. The sensitive brother cannot seem to stop crying and really reaches out for support from his brothers while the youngest of the brothers hasn’t really come to grips of what to think, feel or expect after going through such an event. Every single brother displayed his character or “role” through which he is expected to display or just characteristically is. I found the portrayal that was represented to be helpful and useful because in my reality and viewed experience I feel that during such an event family members must assume their roles to continue to live life with acceptance and relief as one family member may be the one to display a strong reaction in motivating the family to live life in acceptance while other family members will be there for an individual to console to. In many ways media may influence our understanding of death as something that just occurs on a daily basis without much emotion since that it seems that through media that our society has become so deadly. They do portray a diverse portrait of how society deals with death because in reality people become hysterical and mourn while through media they mostly seem to miss that picture. In the movie scene the actions and language support that America is a death denying culture and through media it also portrays the same idea except when representing major icons who impacted the culture of America.


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