The Notebook

     In the movie The Notebook, the two main characters die together, side by side. The story presents two young adolescents who fall in love and have trouble getting together. In the present time, Noah and Allie are old, and Allie is suffering from Alzheimer. Noah is telling their story to see if she remembers something. This movie presents death as a very happy ending, where life has many obstacles, but you overcome them with people you love next to you. Sometimes life gets very tough, as it was for Allie after being diagnosed with Alzheimer. Death in this movie is very surreal because both Noah and Allie die at old age, next to each other.

     The different portrayals in movies and TV shows can be misleading because they present situations which do not commonly happen in real life. The Notebook gives a very happy ending because eventually we all are going to die, and the best way to die is very old with the love of your life next to you. The media influences us to think that death is a very fairytale-like event. In reality, though, the death of a family member, for example, can be a really bad experience, and can affect families tremendously. Sometimes, movies and shows make death seem very easy to deal with, but mourning someone you loved so much can be unmanageable. Many go into a state of shock or have a hard time accepting death.

     Media definitely portrays different ways in which society deals with death. In life, death can be very sad. Friends or family can die suddenly, and we do not take it well. Sometimes in movies, somebody dies and then time passes by where you do not see the characters mourn or cry. The media shows just the “good times” before and after somebody dies, but they do not show the whole process through which many of us have to go through. Just like the movie The Notebook, the viewer does not see the aftermath of the couple’s death. The mourning of family members is not seen, therefore making it a “happy” ending, where life for them just stops there, not affecting others.

     The use of language does demonstrate that America is a death denying culture because the actual mournful moments people experience after somebody close to them dies are not shown in media, like in the movie The Notebook, making it seem as something that will quickly go away. Death is not a very common topic of conversation within the characters. In The Notebook, they focus only on their love story and everything they had to go through to be together. Even though Noah and Allie are both old, and Allie has Alzheimer, they never talk about their death. Even though death does appear constantly in movies and shows, we do not see the characters actually talk about it thoroughly. Dying is a process of life that happens every day.


One thought on “The Notebook

  1. Although unusual, there have been stories through the ages of two lovers dying together. According to “Time”, these two skeletons appear to have died in each other’s arms over 6000 years ago (see,8599,2092970,00.html ). However, could it be they were placed in this position after their deaths?
    Nonetheless, in my opinion, stories like “The Notebook” where lovers die together are deceitful as they romanticize death. The media tends to squeeze the glamour out of the couple’s lifelong love and turn death into a glorious moment where they die together. This movie only masks and softens the real tragedy of death. Death is a misfortune no matter where or how one dies.
    The woman has Alzheimer Disease and I find nothing virtuous about dying with that, and most would agree it is one of the saddest diseases of aging. In my experience with Alzheimer Disease, she would not have known she was near her husband nor would she probably tolerate him being so close. Perhaps the insinuation by the author is that there is some restored afterlife or “together forever” idea, but that is just denying death.

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