Corrina Corrina


When your mothers gone growing up can be a little difficult. Especially as a little girl. In the touching drama, Corrina Corrina, an 8 year old girl is suffering the loss of her mother. Not only has it been difficult on her, it’s been just as hard for her father as well as other adults around her.

Different people cope with grieving in different manners, some people cut everything and everyone off others decide to change habit. Molly decides to go mute as a way of coping with her grieving, however this is difficult on the father so he attempts to seem help, and after numerous interviews he finally finds Corrina ( Whoopi ) who helps him reconnect with his little girl Molly.


While Manny singer is still grieving the loss of his wife, he’s also trying to maintain his job while being there for his daughter. As we all know life gets a little difficult to deal with at times but, when you have a child/children looking up to you there’s no days off.

The movie portrays him as the perfect father when he’s in the presence of his daughter but behind closed doors he’s suffering just as much as his little girl.

Molly decides that she no longer wants to communicate with anyone, she begins to rebel in silence which seemed to be out of character to her father, but that was her way of dealing with her pain. Along with pain comes anger and when a person is angry we feel that every action of ours is justifiable.

The movie teaches us that with a little faith In god and plenty of time getting over losses will be a lot more tolerable.


Whoopi is brought in to the movie as a housekeeper, who spends some time with Molly, and is able to slowly bring Molly back to life. She would let her know that it’s ok to miss her mother and its ok to be upset or angry, but to understand that once a person is deceased they no longer exist physically but they now live within their loved ones. And most importantly to love the person grieving with you even more as you’ve both lost loved ones, and it’s easier to cope with love than it is with anger.

Once we accept the fact that death is certain and irreversible we then find peace with in our selfs to let go and move on.


2 thoughts on “Corrina Corrina

  1. Most social media representations tend to stray away from realistic interpretations and dire effects people undergo after someone’s death. They tend to exaggerate, or undermine, or twist around the after-effects that death brings about in order to fit their stories.
    Corrina Corrina, on the other hand is one of the few social media representations that actually captures and portrays a few of the emotions and behavior that people in reality go through. This drama resonates greatly to how a child would respond to the loss of a parent – like Molly. Whoopi in my opinion is able to get to her because she fills in the motherly role that Molly has just lost. Whoopi fills in the gaping hole in Molly’s life after her mother’s death, and she also helps Molly understand that death is irreversible.
    In real life too, people need to be helped in order to come about to terms with a loved ones death – though it is greatly difficult. Death is a huge loss, and it affects people very gravely. More movies like this need to be out in order to help people discuss death and deal with death in a much better manner. I’m glad you wrote about Corrina Corrina, as it is one of my favorites!

  2. Social media plays an influential role in almost every aspect of our life. From fairy tales to horror movies normally rests in the realm of the unreal. Corinna Corrina is a great depiction of a story of a man who loses his wife left to be a single parent. Molly, the little girls exemplifies rightful anger and withdraw from the world after losing her Mother while her Father tries to cope on his own.

    Not until Whoopi comes along as the caretaker does everything fall into place. I mean, who doesn’t love Whoopi? She lightens the load for the husband and gave perspective to the family altogether. She was nurturing to Molly and let her know that her feelings were valid with her Mother’s loss but never overstepped her boundaries. She let her be a kid and live in the moment which is what children need by letting her even skip school, of course later causing tension with the Father.

    Corrina Corrina is an accurate representation of death, although most movies and media does deny the fact in America. There was no happy ending but a struggle that took work for this family to be able to function after a tragic loss as in real life.

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