Death & Dying Portrayed in Media (Blog #1)

Death and dying is portrayed in the media as very revealing now days. Death has been portrayed as fear in the media. Many children and adults watch movies and television shows and the effect of death are portrayed in all ages of the movies. An example of children’s movie and adult movie would be The Lion King where it shows the seen of the father being killed and Titanic where hundreds of people are killed in the boat crash. Back in the day, death and dying was never talked about in the open but since the media has opened up to it, children from a young age have learned about death through the media. I think that these different portrayals are useful because it opens the window up for many parents and their children to talk about death and dying. Before, many parents would ignore the topic of death and dying until the point someone in their family passed away. The media does a very good job in influencing our understanding of death by having it not only in the media, but also on the Internet such as Facebook and Twitter, magazine books, new channels, etc. We are so surrounded by the topic of death and dying, we have learned to adapt it around us and hear it all the time. We observe it in movies, and read about in the newspapers, and even learn about at schools. Learning about death and dying is not something that you can hide from. The media does portray a diverse portrait of how society deals with death and dying.  In the media, they show all the aspects as to what happens after a person dies such as the church, funeral, the mourning, and they even show it in different religions such as in the Hindu religion, where many believe in the reincarnation, the Hindu’s would cremate the body. I think that America is not a “death denying culture”. No matter how hard people try to avoid aging and illness, it will end up happening no matter how hard they deny it from happening and they know it. Overall, death and dying has played a major role in our society and in the media.







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