Forrest Gump


Forest Gump is a story played by Tom Hanks, where a man tells his entire life story sitting at a bus stop. He begins during his childhood, where he had to wear leg braces and ultimately got bullied for it. Then on the first day of school on the bus he meets Jenny, who would eventually become the love of his life. He then goes on to tell how he earned a football scholarship to the University of Alabama. Following that he joins the army, where he meets his best friend, Bubba. After deploying from the army because of an injury, he returns to the states and becomes a shrimping boat captain and opens Bubba Gump Shrimp. Then one day he receives a letter from Jenny telling him to come visit. He finds out that they have a son together. Forest and Jenny ultimately get married. Unfortunately, Jenny dies shortly after their marriage, which leaves Forrest to raise their boy alone. The movie ends the same way it started, with little Forrest getting onto the school bus for his first day of school.

In this movie, we come across death in a couple different ways. The first of which is Forrest’s mom. Forrest and his mom had a very special relationship. She was the type of mother that would do anything for her son. She always offers him advice in a way that he could understand. One day Forrest gets a phone call that she is sick and immediately goes home. She proceeds to tell him that it is just her “time”. You could feel the emotion between the two of them. It is very relatable to how it would be for any type of son to have to say goodbye to his mother. Right before she dies she gives him one last piece of advice, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get.” He felt helpless that he couldn’t help his dying mother but she explained that her death was inevitable, as she had lived a long and good life.

The next type we come across death is when Bubba dies in the war. Forrest and Bubba are both stationed to Vietnam. They meet each other and instantly become best friends. They plan on opening a shrimping company after the war. Unfortunately, a bomb was dropped in their area and Bubba was severely injured. Forrest tries to save him, but is unable to. This display of death just shows how often and unexpected death in war is. One minute they’re talking about shrimp and the next Forrest is holding him in his arms as he dies. Forrest goes onto open the largest shrimping company in the world and gives Bubba’s family his share. So it goes to show how even though people die, they aren’t forgotten and the promises you made with them live on.

The last time we come across death is with Jenny. She explains that she has a disease and the doctors don’t know what it is. Throughout the movie, there are scenes of Jenny doing a lot of drugs, having sex, and doing things that weren’t the smartest decisions. However, she does clean herself up by the end of the movie. One day she ends up dying and it is very emotional for Forrest. The love of his life has just died. Everything he ever did was for her. Her death might show how some things you do in your youth may effect how long you live into your adulthood. It also shows a child has to deal with the loss of his mother.

This movie is a very powerful. Death as it shows is inevitable. However, it also shows the circle of life. As one life ends, another begins. I think it shows very well how a person deals with three different types of death, one to his mother of dying age, one to his best friend in the war, and one to his wife from cancer. It shows how you can be sad and mourn, but ultimately life does go on. We may not want it happen, but there’s no way of preventing it.


3 thoughts on “Forrest Gump

  1. Forest Gump is one of my favorite movies. I agree that this movie is a very powerful one. And death is portrayed very well. Also, you were right when you said the movie does a good job at showing how a person deals with death or deaths. I think the movie was good because it showed me that even though a person dies, the relationship will continue to live on and nobody can take away the memories you have with that person. I believe if people remember that it will or would make coping with a death a little easier.

  2. You picked a fantastic movie to represent varying death experiences; Tom Hanks is the man! First, your first summation of Forrest’s experience with his mother passing is well described. Forrest experienced the death process first hand; he continued living with her advice, keeping his memories with her sacred and not denying that it occurred. Next, it was very sad to see Bubba taken so suddenly; your explanation that death can take us at any moment is spot on, teaching Forrest a very important lesson. Lastly, the passing of Jenny takes a lot out of Forrest; luckily he has a new focus in life, his son. As you summed up, life certainly is a cycle and must go on as the dead live in remembrance; great job!

  3. Forest Gump is definitely one of those movies I could watch over and over again but until you pointed it out, I never truly realized how much death Forest actually does deal with. Each scenario of death that Forest is faced with challenges him in a new way. He lost his mother, best friend, and love of his life. But ultimately he understands that life does go on, like stated, and through the scenes with the young son, we can see this. It portrays death on a very personal level which, I believe is why the movie resulted in such an emotional success, and is still talked about today. Well written piece!

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