Grey’s Anatomy


Grey’s Anatomy is probably one of the few TV  shows that continuously kills off main characters and is still successfully on air. The show is mainly about a close group of doctors and their lives. Everyday in and out they deal with death, whether it’s in their personal lives or with their patients. The clip above is from a scene in season 6 when they found out that their ‘John Doe’ patient is actually their best friend and coworker, George O’malley and when they fail to go through with a DNR for another best friend and coworker, Izzie Stevens . I feel as is this was an accurate portrayal, they did everything they could to save the patients life as doctors but when it came to people that were like family to them they went above and beyond the call of duty.
The different portrayals of death in the media tend to be misleading, they make death seem much more easier to deal with. Someone dies, they mourn them for a week or so and move on with their lives, when in reality it’s much more difficult. You don’t get through someone’s death in a week, some people aren’t ever able to get through it at all.  The media paints an easy picture of death when in reality it’s much harder. All they show is a death and maybe a funeral, no one ever shows how hard it is to inform the family or to deal with who gets the persons belongings or bills if their wasn’t a will or how hard it is to plan a funeral, as if the pain of not having them there isn’t already bad enough. The media does show different portrayals of death but none of them present the cold hard facts because the fact is no one turns on their TV to see that. People want to be entertained not depressed.  The use of language with euphemisms such as ” they’re in a better place” only enhances the fact that we’re a death denying culture. We all die but we believe that if we turn our heads on it for long enough, it’ll go away, it’s almost as if we don’t want to see it coming.


One thought on “Grey’s Anatomy

  1. You chose to represent your post with what are, in my opinion, some of the most emotional and touching scenes in Grey’s Anatomy. The context of the situation shown by the clip exhibits raw emotion that attempts to mimic what we feel when losing a loved one. However, you are so correct when you say that it’s so much easier to depict death through a t.v. show. There is simply a death and funeral and then everyone quickly sweeps it under the rug. The real world is much more complex and we are much more emotional than we tend to admit. Great work!

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