Grey’s Anatomy

The TV show that I believe does a good job illustrating how death is protrayed in the media is the show Grey’s Anatomy. The clip: is of the scenes of George’s accident and how the character’s deal with the situation. The beginning of the video is a pretty instense due to the nature of his accident so if you just want to view the reactions of the characters skip to 3:24.  This television show is useful because it shows the complexity of the issues revovling medical care and the issues that those involved in treating patients.  Grey’s Anatomy does a good job in their representation of the issue of death  the believability of the characters reactions to this traumatic event of their co-workers death. Each of the characters has a different reaction to George’s accident and his death. These indivdual reactions is useful in protraying that everyone has individual experiances with death and that there is great variance in diversity among people. Some of the characters were in denial about the identity of “John Doe” and others were horrified by the reveal of his true identity. Emotions revovling the issue of death are very complex. Each character had an intial reaction to George’s accident and their emotions evolved throughout their grieving process which had only begun.  This episode of George’s death does deal slightly with the issue of America being a “death denying culture.” At one point during the episode there was a denial that the “John Doe” was actually George. No one wanted to believe that it was their beloved co-worker who was lying in that hospital bed. Grey’s Anatomy showed that there are many sides to the issues of death and none of them are easily disentangled from one another. Each issue and indivudual reaction converges together and is the reason why most media protrayals of death are not illustrated as well as this show did with this character’s death. 


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