Million Dollar Baby       To view scene.

The first movie that came to mind was Million Dollar Baby with Hillary Swank (Maggie) and Client Eastwood (Frankie) dealing with a very touch topic of euthanasia and human quality of life. If you have not seen it I suggest you do and this will be a spoiler alert. Maggie is a boxer who enters a championship fight against a dirty fighter who sucker punches her in the head forcing her to fall to the ground hitting her head on a stool breaking her neck leaving her paralyzed from the neck down a complete spinal cord injury.

This is where the movie turns to a whole new direction focusing on human quality of life. Maggie is now in a hospital bed and as she is lying there and days pass-by the circulation in her lower extremities start to lose blood flow causing muscle break down and bed soars eventually leading to the amputation to one of her legs. Maggie starts to contemplate wanting to die and expresses to Frankie that she no longer wants to live. This scene portrays the film we watched in class dealing with the individuals who were/are brain dead and their families having to decide if it’s best to let that family member live or make the hard decision of letting their loved one go.

Maggie attempts to end her own her own life by biting off her tongue so she can bleed to death. The doctors were able to stop her and save her life by stitching the wound up. She soon attempted this again having the same result of the doctors stopping her putting a brace in her mouth. Frankie now realizes that Maggie truly wishes to die and no longer wants to live. Frankie is awakened in the middle of the night now realizing what he has to do. Frankie goes to see Maggie the next day giving her a shot of adrenaline instantly killing her peacefully and allowing her to die with dignity.


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