Remember The Titans


In the modern world death is viewed in many different ways. Many people view death as “going away” of a loved one. This idea is challenged by death in the movie Remember The Titans. Remember The Titans is a story about a high school football during the early 1970s that overcame the barriers of segregation. In the beginning of the movie the town that the Titans play in is very criticizing of their efforts to integrate blacks and whites onto the same football team because it was never seen before. The Titans’ play throughout the season showed the world that different races could work together peacefully towards the same goal and ultimately even become close friends. 

At the end of the movie, it is shown that one of the main characters, Gerry Bertier, dies a few years after taking part in a serious car accident which left him paralyzed form the waist down. Gerry’s death was an important element in the movie which tied all of the efforts of the Titans together. Gerry’s death brought together whites and blacks years after the Titans had all left high school. This shows that even though they were not playing football anymore, the effects of what they accomplished in terms of racial integration had lasted over the years. Gerry’s death was the event that brought everyone back together. It is also shown at the funeral that Gerry’s mother who was completely against racial integration was holding hands with an African-American male named Julius who was Gerry’s best friend. 

The media portrays Gerry’s death as an event that ultimately brings everyone together despite their differences because they all have that common connection to Gerry. Even though they were off different races, they were similar to one another because of that common connection. Although death is often a time when people mourn, the media turned Gerry’s death into a time when the people of his hometown came together to pay their respects to him. This is how the media challenged the idea of death being the “going away” of a loved one because even though Gerry died, the narrator who is one of the characters as well, says that Gerry’s spirit lives in all of them and has brought them together as one.




One thought on “Remember The Titans

  1. Very good post. This is my favorite movie of all time. I like how you explained how the movie challenges the “going away” concept for death. His death didn’t cause a major mourning ceremony, it rather united everybody. His spirit as the narrator explains will live within them. I also like how you pointed out how Julius and Gerry’s mom were holding hands at the funeral. At the beginning of the movie, she did not want Gerry to associate with blacks at all. She later grew on blacks as she began to give him a chance. I think the time where she stopped judging was when she went to watch the championship and she got a standing ovation and was hugged by Coach Boones wife. Overall a great choice of movie and post.

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