spartacusSome are afraid of death, and others have no fear of death at all.  In most of the T.V shows and movies that I watch, the main characters are afraid of death and try to avoid it at all costs. But one show that premiered in January 2010 called Spartacus showed me and other viewers that these characters did not fear death. This show is about a Thracian Gladiator named Spartacus who breaks free from slavery and then leads other slaves against the Roman Republic taking a plethora of lives in the process. He was very successful, but Spartacus met his end in the last episode of season three. In the last big war against Marcus Crassus, many of Spartacus’s allies died, and only a few survived. Spartacus’s wounds from war were too great, and he died. He died surrounded by his friends and the last of the survivors. He died happy and his last words expressed the joy that he had because finally, he was a free man. He also mentioned in his last words that he would be happy to see his wife again on the other side (whom died in season one).

Despite all of the blood and gore of this show and of Spartacus’s death, I believe that his death was portrayed in a helpful, even relatable manner to many other people in society. Something that helps people cope with death is the joy of what comes afterwards; the joy of going to heaven, and the joy of seeing people that they have previously lost, similar to how Spartacus felt. The ways that characters in Hollywood movies and shows deal with death is similar to how people in the society deal with death, one similarity being what happens after death. Many deaths that I see in the media are always saying things similar to this: “we will see them in heaven,” “you will be at peace,” or “see you on the other side.” Hearing these types of remarks and having a religion to back it up makes death seem not so final after all. Even when a villain dies in a movie or T.V. show its always a remark like “go to hell,” or, “your gonna suffer in hell forever.” Majority of the media and people in the society always portray that there is something or someplace after death, even for the villains! So I wouldn’t say that all of America is a death denying culture, because we all know death is coming, and many are able to cope with death because of the religion they chose to believe in. Spartacus knew death was inevitable and knew it was coming, sooner if not later. And for that very reason, he chose not to be afraid of death; he even ended up embracing it.


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