The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

FGump Button - Benjamin Button Poster              Sweet-New-Trailer-Curious-Case-Benjamin-Button

Though the main concept of this movie doesn’t focus on death, it does occur in the movie. I think it is actually portrayed in a creatively different aspect in this particular movie. The main character, Benjamin Button, is played by the actor Brad Pitt. Benjamin Button is a “curious medical case” in that instead of being born young then growing old, Benjamin is actually born old and becomes younger as he ages. You would think this would be a wonderful thing, especially in this society as to so many people fear aging. However Button’s case is not as pleasant as expected. As the movie begins, its hard for him because he is this physically old man, but mentally and internally a young boy wanting to play with kids his own age, but not being able to in his physical state. Though he has the same mental and internal characteristic capacity as a child his age. As the movie progresses, he reaches middle age where he is finally compatible both mentally and physically to his peers and love interest/good friend in the movie. Unfortunately, as the movie begins to climax, his loved ones begin to die. The mother that adopted and raised him passed away in her old age. Not only that, but he is now witnessing the physical degeneration and aging of the women he loved and grew up with as a child. While she is growing older, he is becoming younger. I believe it would be scary to be the only one getting younger, while others around you grow older and die. Having to witness your friends and love ones’ dismay and final breath. Its one thing to be around them and you being their age, understanding their issues. But to be young while they get old would make me ask “why me?”. You soon find yourself alone. Death was not traditionally portrayed in this movie, but the perspective was just as effective as any other in the media. It still makes it aware that death is a part of life, whether you are growing old towards it or growing young approaching it.


One thought on “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

  1. This is an interesting choice of movie to pick for this blog topic. I never would have thought of it. I agree that the originally the thought of growing young would sound appealing to a lot of people since most of us are afraid to grow old. If I hadn’t seen the movie I don’t believe I would ever have thought about how things would be if the life cycle were reversed for me and only me. People die as we grow old, but the amount of people who would be dying if I were growing young would be larger.

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