The Lovely Bones

The first movie that I’ve ever seen that truly reflected on death was The Lovely Bones.  The main storyline focuses on the aftermath of a fourteen-year-old Susie Salmon who is abducted and murdered on her way home from school on one ordinary day.  It is narrated by Susie while she is residing in the place between Heaven and Earth.  She watches as her family, particularly her father and sister, go through the process of grieving and moving on with their lives as only one can after losing a loved one.

The portrayal of the death in this movie is as clear as it is tragic.  Even better portrayed are the feelings that the father has when his daughter goes missing; he feels that he didn’t protect his child, and he wants to find her killer before he can even begin to move on.  The father knows he should give up and heal, but he can’t get rid of the vengeful feeling he possesses.  Rarely do I believe that the media gives us an accurate glimpse into death.  However, after seeing this movie I believe that there could be more movies or TV shows that may portray death as it is; a tragic event/process that myself and everyone around me will experience in their lives. 

The Lovely Bones is a story about a kind of death that we are all too familiar with these days—murder.  However, this particular story is different because it is told from Susie in the afterlife.  Since we all have different beliefs, this is a controversial point about the movie.  Even though this might be true, the Lovely Bones is a great example of a movie that contradicts America being a death-denying culture.  It also gives a good perspective into death, mourning, and the afterlife.Image


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