Tuesdays with Morrie

I feel like quite often, death and dying is portrayed somewhat poorly in the media. It is very common for action movies and even the news to only show the terrible, catastrophic, and gruesome deaths that happen and this is purely for entertainment. Of course these types of deaths do happen in reality but it is misleading because these obviously aren’t the only types of deaths that occur. What about other less-dramatic types of death that aren’t often showed in movies or the news? Most types of media rarely show the more non-spontaneous deaths that occur even more often in real life, such as a person battling a terminal illness. I feel like these types of deaths aren’t portrayed in the media because it may seem less exciting or entertaining, but deaths this way are very common and happen everyday.


One movie that comes to mind that I feel has a very accurate portrayal of death is Tuesdays With Morrie. It is centered upon a middle-aged man named Mitch, and shows what he has to go through when he finds out that his 78 year old former professor named Morrie has been diagnosed with ALS and is on the verge of dying. Mitch reflects on his past experiences with his beloved professor and tries to find time to visit him several states away as he is bombarded each and every day with his chaotic career as a sports journalist. This movie portrays death very well because not only does it show the unexpectedness of death, but it also shows how death is usually a long and drawn out process. Mitch eventually finds time to visit his former professor and makes it a routine to visit him each Tuesday. This made the movie interesting because this caused him to see the deteriorating health condition of his friend, and this made the death of Morrie much more surreal. Eventually, Mitch is informed of his friend passing away, and this made him more aware of death being inevitable and that it will in fact happen to everyone.


In summary, I feel like media often shows a one-sided and misleading portrayal of death, and this causes society to have a misinterpretation of death in general. Although I would say that we do live in a death denying society, movies such as Tuesdays With Morrie show the realistic side of dying and it is films like these that can help us to understand the reality of death and dying in the real world.

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One thought on “Tuesdays with Morrie

  1. This is a great blog! I really enjoyed reading it and all the points that you touched on are very similar to what I think towards the media and their representation of mortality in our society today. Granted, I don’t believe the news will completely change how they report deaths, but some other form of empathy should be shared to those “unknown victims” that we usually don’t hear about until days later. On the other hand, actors in movies can portray death and dying in their movies a lot better than someone just reading off of a prompter. Take Mitch from Tuesdays with Morrie, the compassion that he must have shown for someone that wasn’t really family, but was treated like he was. I believe some similar compassion could be expressed for those not recognized on the news, on the news. I think Tuesdays with Morrie sounds like a movie I might watch sometime soon.

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