Medicine for Life

Medicine should recognize at a sooner point than it currently does,  at which point treatment will be irrelevant and when it will make the difference.  If our medical officials can spend more time and realize that a patient has undergone far too much damage to repair they should look into reducing the amount of experimental medications, trial procedures, and extension methods they use. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on methods which may not even have a good shot at affecting the patient, they should take that money and invest it within a research program which may develop further ideas on the subject.

Now as far as concerning the patients status, they should be cared for in a manner which allows the passing of life to be a simple,convenient, and comfortable end. This is a huge leap from today’s medical system which will go to as far lengths such as placing patients on ventilators which breath for them, tubes that feed them, and various other methods to give a person seeming traits of someone who is alive. Instead of this endless struggle to chase after life they should pull their efforts in the direction of allowing a ease in the person’s last days or months. For my own particular sake i would much rather have a relaxing last month which I had the ability to enjoy, as compared to a prolonged 5 year death which i was incessantly placed on experimental medications. These incessant trips to the hospital, the nerve wracking procedures, and the false hopes that come along with the current medical system is a route I’d much rather not be on. Sort of in the style of hospice today I would opt for a program which would allow me to go through a much more relaxed end of life instead of trying to force more years into my life.


One thought on “Medicine for Life

  1. I agree with everything you wrote because it is all true. Most of the medications or treatments these patients receive do not work. It is wasteful. Instead wasting money on these things; we should spend more money on things that will make the quality of life as comfortable and easing as it can be. It is saddening to hear about or see somebody go through something like this. My friend’s mother died of cancer. She went through a lot of chemotherapy and I remember we were not allowed to go inside his house anymore because she was so sick. The whole time I was hoping she would die a better way.

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