To Live On – Min Jeong Seo

To Live On - Min Jeong Seo

The stalks these flowers are already dried up but their blossoms are preserved and kept fresh by the medical infusion bags. The life-span of every living creature is limited.The infusion bags stand for the progress in medicine and the prolongation of human life.They somehow carry an ambivalent message as they refer to both death and life an the same time. Both states are immanent here. To preserve the beauty of the flowers artificially with the help of the infusion bags points out man’s inclination to repress the fact having to die and to postpone death

Min Jeong Seo – To Live On, 2005


One thought on “To Live On – Min Jeong Seo

  1. This is a beautiful representation of how medicine interacts with our lives. At the end of life, we often see medicine preserving the “beautiful” or the suggestion of life while preventing what we as a society deem ugly–death.

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