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This article was a really good one.  It really gave me some insight into what some people and families have to go through. Everyday is a constant struggle. The patients are hoping and praying that some how in some way they get better. Most of these treatments or medications that are giving to the patients do not save their lives. These treatments are very painful and make patients sicker then they already are. In most situations the patients end up dying and their families are left with thousands of dollars of debt for something that probably isn’t going to work. So, if medicine can not save your life, it should make the quality of life for the patient as pleasant and as comfortable as it can be. The majority of patients die in pain and they can not be a bit happy with how things are. If it were I on the hospital bed I would want something to help me ease into death so I can have a little peace of mind before I die. Also, this would help families as well. Imagine the stress and heartache that would be lifted from them if they knew their family member died a peaceful death, regardless if they had cancer or not, they knew that person was in a good place.  They would make them feel so much better. Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Doctors and hospitals do not follow this very well. All they try to do is get rid of the disease. It is time shift some of the focus to the well being of people and not just the physical well being. So if medicine could not save your life it should give patients the peace of mind that they deserve.


One thought on “Blog 2

  1. I enjoyed reading your post and I concur with many of your points. I have similar beliefs on death and the state people die in. Agreeing with your above statement, dying in a peaceful and pain free manner is the best way to go. That is better for all parties of the sick patient. Because after all that is what medicine is for in the first place. Its better for the patient because they will die peacefully with dignity. It will be better for the family to know that their loved one was not in pain and that will help them in the grieving process. I know many people have negative views on doctors but they too want to see their patients comfortable. We know that medicine cannot perform miracles but it should give peace of mind and comfort to people when its their time to go.

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