Medication and Decision-Making


     Terminal diseases can be very detrimental and devastating. No one person can ever know when these terminal illnesses will come along and take over your life. These types of diseases strike you and your loved ones; causing a lot of burden because of all the quick and unmerciful decisions that have to be made regarding treatments and other options. The story “Letting Go” by Atul Gawande talks about Sara Monopoli’s case. She was pregnant and ready to continue her life as a mother. However, life put a huge obstacle in front of her and halted all dreams and plans she had with her family, when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Medicine in these cases is very unpredictable. Sometimes they work for the benefit of the patient, allowing them to live for a much longer period of time than they would have without the medicine. However, most of the times medicine has its side effects which cause even more harm to the patient than they already had. Unfortunately for Sara, chemotherapy was not very successful and only caused more harm in her.

     Medicine can be a life saver. Although, when this is not the case, people should understand that all humans are mortals, and sometimes medication will not help them at all. People should be able to comprehend that death is a normal process of life which sometimes comes along with decision-making. The whole purpose of medicine is to save someone’s life or make it longer. If medicine cannot do any of those two, then it cannot do anything at all. Medication and treatments should be halted, and ill patients should continue making more decisions of how they want to spend the rest of their lives, which might include Hospice care.

     When a terminal disease does occur in someone’s life, making decisions of how you want to live the rest of your life is never easy. Medication will not always be the answer to these. Therefore, the patient should be able to decide whether they want treatments or they want to die peacefully without medicine, even if it hurts their loved ones. In reality, the diseased one suffers because they cannot make the decision they actually want to make. At the end, these diseases not only affect the one person who carries it, but also the ones around them. Death is a process in which suffering and pain will be present, and will be accompanied by many hard decisions



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