Thoughts on “Judge Declares man Legally dead” EC

“Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.” This famous quote by George Eliot is very moving and means that as long as deceased people are still in our hearts and memories, its almost like they are still around. Well in this article, the exact opposite is what’s going on, and this man was legally declared dead by a judge. Donald Eugene Miller Jr., a recovering alcoholic, was declared dead legally after disappearing for eight years. Now, even though you would think that it should be wrong for a person to be declared dead when really it is just an assumption, I feel that there has to be a line drawn in order to finally declare someone as dead. If he was only gone for a few months to a year, then maybe that would be a different story, but disappearing for 8 YEARS is absolutely ridiculous and gives the law no reason to have any clue that one may be alive. What if he actually did die? Like say got lost at sea while on a boat or something of that matter to be gone for 8 years. That’s what one would assume, but either way, now that he is appearing in court, he should have the rights to his social security back and his death certificate revoked even though there is a 3 year limit to revoke it. Overall, I found this article to be quite controversial in terms of what the law should do to help him legally get his life back. It is a case that seems so odd and irregular that not even the law knows what to do. I can only imagine what is going on through the man’s head wile legally having the title of not living, while he is in fact breathing and alive.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on “Judge Declares man Legally dead” EC

  1. So true! This was a great article about the relationship between death and the law

  2. I completely agree with you! Court cases like these are so bizarre. I wonder what would happen if people who had gone missing were pronounced dead, and after years later were found to be alive (like the girls who were abducted and found in the house years later). How would they reintegrate into society? Would they need new social security numbers? So much to really consider!

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