Is Medicine Really Helping?

Medicine is something that is used in order to help a person become healthier and no longer suffer from an illness. When someone hears the word medicine, they tend to think of words such as, illness, sick, gross, pills, and getting better. We do not tend to think of things such as, people getting worse as a result of a medicine or the medicine having no effect at all.

In the story about Sara Monopoli, we are told just of that. We are shown that medicine does not always cure the awful illnesses and tragic scenarios we are thrown in life. Her treatment did not help her to become better and in fact, hindered her ability to function normally. The treatment was causing violent reactions within her body. This is not something that I would wish upon anyone. When someone walks into a hospital for a treatment, they have an expectation that they will get better, not worse. Unfortunately, this possibility of having a bad reaction to the medicine is a very true reality.

Personally, I have had a bad reaction to medicine which made my illness worse. The problem is that the doctor does not know how the patient is going to specifically react to the medicine they are giving to them. Even though the medicine hindered my process of getting better sooner, I am glad that I tried the treatment because there was a possibility that it would help me get better. I also know now that it does not work, so later on in life I know not to go through that.

I think that situations such as these are a case by case thing. It really depends on the person receiving the treatment and how they feel about going through certain treatments just to see if they will help extend their life. Even though medicine has a possibility of helping a person to become better and save a life, there is also the second situation where it does not help at all.


One thought on “Is Medicine Really Helping?

  1. I agree that you believe it depends on the situation on how medication should be used. In Sara’s case, the doctor kept saying to himself that he knows she will not get better but since Sara came in every time with so much hope and excitement to find out what else could help her, the doctor didn’t have the heart to sit her down and tell her so that she understands that her condition is terminal. For people who are not terminally and have a chance in living, medication should be used to cure if it is possible. There are many people in this nation that go through chemo and end up with no cancer cells in their body. Medication can heal and prolong life but for situations such as Sara’s, it should only be used as a pain reliever and a comfort for her.

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