What Medicine Should Do

If you think about it the basic medicines we can purchase in a grocery store such as Walmart were originally invented to help a person feel healthy again. Nowadays we have medicines that try to stop an illness such as cancer from progressing further throughout someone’s body and taking away their life.  Sometimes chemotherapy or the drugs like Tarceva that Sarah took for her lung cancer don’t do the trick. So doctors begin mentioning many other medicines and treatments that might make Sarah’s lung cancer stop from worsening and focus on improving. When medicine cannot save a patient’s life the situation becomes more stressful sometimes and they along with their family may refuse to give up. Except sometimes it’s okay to give up.

            Just like our basic medicines used to help relieve pain of fevers, common colds, headaches, sinus infections, and so on, I believe all medicine should focus on relieving pain that an individual is experiencing. When patients of a type of cancer undergo treatments and medications they experience more pain and suffering sometimes because doctors let them know it’s a negative aspect of the process of getting better. So if a patient is in an irreversible stage of cancer why make them take a medication that just makes them feel sicker? Why put these patients through the experience of treatment as often as they’re supposed to but end up feeling sick from the radiation of chemotherapy? It truly depends on the patient’s thoughts of what he/she may want to do when hearing all outcomes of each side.

            I believe if there is a high chance of survival after treatment and medicines make positive progress in the body then discuss with that patient that things will work out for the better. If these things will most likely not work for a patient then it’s up to them to decide whether they want to try the treatments or take medicines for relieving terrible suffering. That’s why in my opinion if medicines and treatments are not going to save someone’s life then at least offer other choices. Bring out the idea of other medications that will help a patient not experience so much pain and any other negative symptoms. From the beginning to the end of the last days of their life, medicine should make these last moments of a patient’s life pain-free and enjoyable.


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One thought on “What Medicine Should Do

  1. You made a valid point that if a person is terminally ill and is most likely going to die, why put them through painful suffering such as chemo when the doctor knows that it won’t help. Sometimes physicians need to address these situations kindly but also let the patient know that it is unethical for them to keep trying new medications when he or she knows that it will most likely not work. Trying to find a medication to cure is exactly what happened to Sara and in the end she had a painful death for not only her but for her family as well. I agree that medication in these circumstances should only be used to relieve pain only.

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