Aaron’s Blog 3: Responsibilities of EOL

After reading “Taking Responsibility for Death”, I believe that Americans do have some level of responsibility in planning for end-of-life issues regarding themselves.  It would be very wise for Americans to make their wishes known concerning treatment and death while they are able to.  From there, the individual who made his or her “plan” should discuss this with loved ones and healthcare providers.    Having decisions like these made in advance can save families from heartache and frustration because they now know what a patient wants to happen to them.  Families of patients with advanced directives should respect the decisions made in said documents, but at the same time, should be consulted when they are made.  The patient’s healthcare providers should be informed of their advanced directives and respect the decisions made (provided they are legal, of course).  If the providers give their patients service that isn’t patient-oriented, it will be difficult to understand what their patients are asking for.  Family members should have conversations with healthcare providers, especially if their suggestions conflict with the wishes made in advanced directives.  The focus on being prepared for death is for patients to be treated with dignity, respect, and autonomy instead of being taken advantage of by well-meaning family members that are ignorant of their loved one’s wishes, and healthcare serves that emphasize a profit over people.




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