BLOG 3: Dying Responsibly


Susan Jacoby’s  article discusses the issue of end-of-life decisions and how society should be more proactive in making such difficult decisions before its too late. Though I found Jacoby’s article a little “harsh” towards the end, I do agree with her over all conclusion. As Americans born with the freedom of choice, we have the right to choose between prolonging life or not in our final days when there is no chance of regaining full health. However, there are many people in society who do not take advantage of this particular freedom of choice. I do agree that Americans have a responsibility to make their own decisions as far as their end-of-life preferences. I believe people should be held accountable for at least preparing for the unpredictable inevitable. Have your advance directives in order. Not only will this ease your moment of uncertainty/confusion in an unfortunate circumstance, but it will help your loved ones cope with the situation at hand as well. As far as the family, loved ones should be responsible for honoring the patient’s last wishes. They should not let their own or anyone else’s life ending preferences interfere with those of the patient.

When it comes to one’s healthcare, you can never know enough in questioning a decision regarding the healthcare providers intention. People should not be afraid to discuss or question a healthcare provider, especially since its YOUR OWN health they are caring for. Be a key player in your health, take charge. Question everything to better understand what is occurring in your body/health/mind and have the opportunity to explore all the options available in your healthcare. As hard as it is to cope with idea of dying in the first place, the last thing I want to do is stress over medical, financial, and familial controversial issues accompanied with it. That is why I believe Jacoby has an overall valid outlook about being proactive regarding living wills/advanced directives within the article.

Prepare for Your Death

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