End of Life Decisions


            American’s have always been fighting for our own rights as citizens. So it should be prevalent the we be able to make our own end of life decisions. We have a responsibility to ourselves and our families to have a plan in order for end of life decisions. We should be the ones to decide so that everything is the way the person intended them to be.

            There are a few reasons to why we should be in control of these decisions. First is that the only person to know what exactly we want is ourselves, not a doctor, close friend, relative, even spouse. They might have input onto the decisions, but only the individual at hand will know exactly what they want. Next is having a plan set in place is very beneficial for the family because you never know when a person could die, so having a plan is good to have in place so things are complicated if something unexpected to happen.

            The patients and their families play crucial parts in supervising an end of life decision. They need to make the best decision possible for a just in case situation. Also if the patient was ever to be in a life-threatening situation, it’s up to the family to let people know about the patients wishes or they’ll do whatever they feel is necessary.

            I do think that patients should sometimes question healthcare providers. I do believe that they always make decisions in best interest of the patient, but it might not always be what the patient wants. Some people might be better off dying, but want to keep fighting to live. That’s why I don’ t think they should be able to make decisions for the patient because they don’t know what they actually would want.

            So if the doctor is making a decision that the patient does not want, then they should be questioned. It’s up to the patient to decide what he or she wants.


One thought on “End of Life Decisions

  1. Totally agree that we are the only ones who know what we want to happen and it definitely makes it difficult when there are doctors and family members trying to get in the way of what the patient wants. Having a plan is the best way to deal with end of life because that way when it comes to such decisions, it will not complicate the matter and everyone involved will know what that patient wants in case of an emergency or unexpected situations. As for the asking questions to the doctor, I think it is very important to hear what they have to say about the situation but you’re right when you said that what they say may not be what the patient wants. Ultimately, the decision is up to the patient.

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