Who Should Decide?

Americans absolutely have a responsibility to make their own end of life decisions! We have fought for an extremely long time to be independent and not be forced into things that we do not want to do so why should this be any different? Just because a life is ending does not mean that there are not things that can be done to make that person more comfortable or even to make them happy. As well as, all people are different. Some people want to fight until their very last breath and some people would rather just slowly let themselves go. No matter how anyone else feels about these two options, it is and should be the patient’s choice.

Since I feel so strongly about the patients being able to make their own choices regarding end of life decisions I also feel like they should play a strong role in supervising their end of life care. Unfortunately not all people that work in the health care system “care” for their patients as much as they should. What I mean by this is that sometimes they will neglect patients because they do not feel like dealing with them or whatever the reason may be. Also the health care workers may want to do something other than the patient’s wishes in order to further themselves, whether it is through research or another reason. If the patient or the family is supervising then it will be less likely something that goes against what the patient wishes will happen.

It is tough to give a straight yes or no answer when thinking if the family or patient should be able to question a decision made by a health care provider. Since I want to be a physician’s assistant I know that I would not want patients and their families questioning every decision I make because I went to school to be able to do my job and I am qualified to make the proper decision but on the other hand some health care providers do not always make the decision that best suits the patient and also everyone is human and capable of making mistakes so the wrong choice could potentially be made. Ultimately I believe that no matter how frustrating it could be families and patients always have the right to question whatever they want because it is their life we are affecting. The patient or their family may not have the medical knowledge or background that a health care provide does but they will know better than anyone what treatment can suit them best.



3 thoughts on “Who Should Decide?

  1. So, you are going to be a physician’s assistant? If you don’t mind me asking and get the notification from my comment, what made you decide this is the career path you want to take and what is the route so far like for you? Either way, that is awesome and really good for you!! We need more people like you that actually care about their patients and respect the pain that they might be experiencing. I continually agreed with your opinions as I read your blog post. We should not take our independence so lightly or for granted. People do need to make their own decisions earlier because we were given the freedom of choice to do so. Patients and families should take control over their healthcare especially since it’s their life and health that is being controlled and taken care for by physicians that could make us skeptical with the choices they think are the best.

  2. Yes, I do want to be a PA! I want to do this because I think that it is a great way to be able to see and treat patients on your own without having to go to medical school. The route has been pretty simple so far, all the pre reqs that are needed are quite simple. I am just really ecstatic to get into PA school and actually learn how to treat people!

  3. I love the point you made about a PA (to-be) like yourself would not like to be questioned about your decisions because you, as a well informed PA know your job and what’s best for your patient. I never looked at it from that point of view so that was interesting even if the final decision will obviously always be up to the patient and his/her family.

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