End-of-life decision-making is never easy and takes a lot of time and process to think about. However, Americans do have the responsibility to make their own decision regarding end-of-life preferences. Everybody has the right and responsibility to decide what kind of treatment he or she wants or don’t want. No one should be forced any treatment if they don’t want it. Many people today are either very sick, ill from a disease or cancer, or they get into car accidents where they are fighting between life and death. From this, advance directives are important to have so that family members and doctors know what patients want when it comes treatment options. Advance directives also helps family members not having to go through the burden of making the decision of the patient’s life for them. However, when people are making their advance directives, they have to make sure of their decision when it comes to what they want because that’s what doctors will look at.

The role of the patient’s family is support there loved one and always be there for them by being strong.  With family members always around, it helps the patient not to give up and give them a reason to fight. As well the patient makes better decisions when family members are around and family members make sure that the treatment is going well and is being done correctly. However, many family members today have to make decisions when it comes to the treatments because most of them don’t have a living will or advance directives. In the article, Susan Jacoby never had to worry when it came to making decisions towards her mother. She had never had to go through that burden and felt confortable and glad that her mother had done an advance directive. From reading this article, it is important to have an advance directive so that my family members never have to go through any burden to making decisions of my life.

Healthcare providers are always there because it is their jobs by helping patients understand treatments and details of their sickness.  Health care providers give different alternatives and provide the best explanations for each one. However, healthcare providers can make mistakes because there is no right or perfect treatment. So patients, family members can for sure ask as many questions to a healthcare provider and get their decision as well.

Decisions are never easy. Some may be easy and some may be hard. But a decision has to be made and can never really be ignored. When it comes to end-of-life decision-making, it is not only hard for the patient but family members as well. I recommend that everyone get an advance directive because it would help the family members by not giving them a burden of making a decision and family members as well as healthcare providers would know what the patient wants.



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  1. I agree that people have the responsibility to make their own decisions regarding end of life preferences. People should not be forced into a treatment they do not want and families should not have the burden of figuring out what to do if a their family member is incapacitated. I also agree that these decisions are scary and not easy to think about or talk about, but they defiantly need to be addressed. Its in the best interest of everyone to have all parties on the same page. Advance directives should be put into place by all Americans.

  2. I completely agree that people should have advance directives and that it is their responsibility to. As you mentioned, accidents happen such as car accidents and these things cannot be predicted so having the advance directive is a safety net both for the person in an accident and for the family so that there isn’t that burden to make decisions. The burden is to make the final decision often times as to what will happen and when nothing has been decided beforehand disagreements occur and cause more added stress on family and friends. I also like how you mentioned that the healthcare providers should be questioned on some of the alternatives because there is sometimes no perfect option and those in charge of decision making should be as informed as possible to make the best decision.

  3. In a time of grief like the end of a family member’s life, it is difficult for loved ones to make a proper decision on how to handle the last days. Nobody has an easy time letting go of a loved one and because of this they will maybe keep a dying family member alive artificially instead of thinking about what the patient would actually want. This causes stress and can hinder the coping of death in the family. This can also cause the family to spend thousands of dollars in medical care. No doubt the patient would not want his family to suffer with unnecessary grief and financial burdens. This is why I agree with the statement that people should have advanced directives and not leave the responsibility on their family.

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