I would gladly look into your eyes and get lost in them for fifty years if time would allow it.I would wish to feel sunrise on your smile and dream of your kisses at good night ; if anything, I pray for grey.
When you can close your eyes and imagine all the wonders of a new tomorrow, let it be with you that I turn to and make our world appear.Let our life throw us hardships and dilemmas, let it test our faith and strengthen us, no matter what though, give me the possibility of grey.Let the hair on our heads lighten in color, let our skin wrinkle and voices soften with the whispers of years that went away, but give me grey. Give me grey with the one I love. Let us grow old together and see the seasons change, our children grow, our last memory of the world we know..                                                                                                                                                             I just pray for grey to come our way.

-Andrea Hurtado Original poem

Throughout this semester we have encountered death through history, funeral traditions, EOL procedures, hospice and hospitals, and ultimately the very end. When I think of death, like most of us will, I dream about my day coming to an end at an older age, mostly I wish for death knowing true love. I have learned that being prepared to die should not be pushed off, because many circumstances may arise and I do not want the burden to fall on my loved ones to make a decision I did not want at all. So what have I learned in this class? I learned not to be afraid of the “d” word, dying. I have taken this course to consider my options and to share it with those who I surround myself with. I tell my family and friends about EOL options, about how I would never want to be kept on a respiratory or have feeding tubes, I share I would rather be let go then dragged on. I choose to live everyday in the hope of tomorrow, and I am reassured that my finals wishes are left behind. I believe this class sheds light on the opportunity to not be in fear of knowing what is known to all man kind, we all die one day. So until my day comes, I will always pray for grey.



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