What is Life without a Soul?


In class we learned to understand that back in history death was considered as the separation of the soul from the body. Obviously, we understand as Americans how that definition is completely wrong technically, as we have acquired the technological means to prove such things. But when death is being observed through the meaning of life and end of life decisions, how accurate could the twentieth century’s’ definition of life really be? When we listen to when somebody says that death is actually the soul leaving the body, if we take a step back to break down and to understand the meaning of what the term “soul” truly means, I think that we might find for that definition of “soul leaving the body” to be extremely accurate. If we can agree that, the soul can be defined as the principle of life, feeling, thought, and the action in humans, then I could imagine that it would be safe to say that death is actually when the soul leaves the body. For example, when patients are deciding what to do with themselves medically, in an end of life situation, they are deciding whether some kind of procedure or medical intervention will spare them their “principles of life”, “principles of feeling” and the principles of what actions they might be able to live with”. All of the previously stated concepts of life to which people are deciding upon when it comes to death, is clearly a definition of a living soul. If people can no longer live with the aspects that are presented in our definition of the soul, then they might most likely consider themselves to be deceased already. Defining whether the soul has left the body may not be a relevant way to determining if somebody has technically died yet, but I strongly feel that it is a way for the actual patient or person to determine whether they are still truly living life or not. All of the patients who have decided to end their life through a means of Euthanasia or Physician Assistant Suicide, when faced with a life threatening illness, has decided to end their life because principles of life, feeling, thought and actions were no longer “up to the standards” to which they were used to living. In other words, to those patients they were dead already. What is life without a soul?….



One thought on “What is Life without a Soul?

  1. I agree with you. I believe the soul does leave the body when a person dies. The soul is what keeps us wanting to live. When the soul is with us we still have life to live. And like you mentioned, if people feel like they have lost their feelings, thoughts, and actions they most likely are already dead. There is no more life within them. I believe there are many definitions of death, not just one or two. So, when some people say that death is when the soul leaves the body, I believe them to be right. There is no life without the soul.

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