End of Life Decisions



I’ve decided to use this open ended blog prompt to share my opinions a little bit in regards to ‘End of Life Decisions’. For starters, when is end of life determined. This all, in my opinion, occurs when life of the person is being threatened in any way or is approaching rapidly. This is especially important if the person in question here is unable to speak, think or just be themselves. 

Let’s say for example, an older man has suffered a traumatic stroke and isn’t expected to live much longer due to complications. The family now has to face many difficult choices. Whether or not they should begin contacting financial institutions, friends, funeral homes and funeral services or decide (depending on the situation) whether or not to end any life support that may be currently administered. This decision is something no one, young or old wants to come to and decide. It’s something we only think of as occurring in our nightmares or in movies and TV shows, but you never know, this might happen to one of us in the future.

The decision above is really what I want to talk about. The choice of the family members or friends to decide whether or not their loved ones life should be ended for the sake of humanity or to allow modern medicine to keep doing what its good at and keep them alive. So here’s where the problem comes in; this person is currently considered to have no brain activity, however, their essential organs are still operational, albeit not in full. The question comes for whether or not to continue to support this person’s life with life support when their life will never be as it was before, or to keep them alive as soon as possible. Personally, I feel if the person isn’t there mindfully then the family should be able to make a decision. This is a very drawn out and argued topic and always will continue to be regardless of culture and how each person’s culture changes. 


One thought on “End of Life Decisions

  1. I could never imagine what it must be like to be forced to be the one to make a life ending decision for a loved one. This is definitely a controversial topic, but I do agree with you that the family should be able to decide if the patient is not there mindfully. The only problem that I could imagine that might raise even more controversy within the family who is making the EOL decision, is who gets to make the final decision? Does the wife or husband get to make the decision or does the eldest child get to play the major role in the decision? There are too many tough questions surrounding death but at the end of the day I would only wish for my loving family to make an EOL decision for my life! Good job.

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