Life At, During, and After Death…

“At the end of my life, I want everything important to be documented with either a scar, or a photograph” -Unknown


   I would have to say that out of all of the topics in class, sad ones, interesting ones, scary ones, and of all the sad videos, my favorite topic to discuss was definitely the end of life decisions. I found it interesting to learn about all the advanced directives, the living wills, and burial wishes. I think that it is very important for everyone to think and discuss these things with loved ones. Dying is obviously not something that we want to think about, no one really wants to die. But, it is very important for your family/ next of kin to know what your wishes are as you are dying, in a vegetative state, or already gone. These things will all help us know more about how to fulfill dying wishes for those we love.

     This topic hit home hard with me because I asked my grandma if her or my grandpa had any of these things, and she said no. This made me really begin thinking that we should probably all put these into effect and make sure we know the wishes each of our loved ones wanted. Including myself, I should start thinking about advanced directives as well.

     Overall, this topic has provoked a lot of thinking in myself, and my thoughts towards my family. It has made me want to find out more about what they want, and why. It has also given me a chance to consider what I would want when it truly comes down to it. I think that I will probably be making advanced directives in the near future, and if not that soon then at least talking to my mom about what I would want, and writing it down too.

     As much as people don’t want to think about death, it is inevitable and so we might as well be prepared so that our wishes are our wishes. So that our lives can be completely what we wanted, even after we are gone!


3 thoughts on “Life At, During, and After Death…

  1. I agree, the topic in our class about advanced directives, living wills, and burial wishes was very interesting. And like you, I immediately started thinking about my family when this subject came up in class. I remember the first week we started discussing this; I went home and talked to my parents to find out if they have made advanced directives, and they told me that they did (which I was very happy about). After that, I called my family members in Barbados, asking them if they had their end of live documents ready. And like your grandmother, mine didn’t have anything prepared, and neither did my grandfather! I gave them all of the information about advanced directives that I learned from class; they listened, and then they made their own. I’m glad that they decided to do them because really, EVERYONE should have them. I think what most people don’t understand is that they can make their own advanced directives at any time. It’s never too early to make advanced directives!

  2. Alie,
    Just like you I found the topic of advanced directives to be very interesting indeed. To be quite honest before taking this class I had only heard of people writing a general will before dying. I was unaware of other forms of advanced directives. When I interviewed my uncle he told me that he had created a living will. His reasoning was that he did not want to become dependent on anything outside of his own autonomy and I found myself respecting that decision very greatly. Since then I have been seriously considering writing a living will for myself. Even though I am still young, you never know when one will be necessary. Like you did I plan on speaking to my parents about the topic and hope to convince them to create advanced directives of their own. For me this topic is one of the most important topics covered because it can be applied to my own life. In a macroscopic sense, this Death and Dying class could have a life-altering impact for me, and for that I am very grateful.

  3. I think you guys both had such great insight to exactly what I was saying. I find it so important to know what the thoughts are. Jimmy, I have been greatly considering doing some for myself as well, I just need to sit down and do it already!! (Maybe after finals week lol). And I also think it is great jlucas6 that your family all made them since you talked to them! How cool 🙂

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