Prompt 4: Letting go

letting go Blog 2


In life it is always a personal decision to take the final plunge from what you once knew for the your entirety of your time on this earth into the unknown or certainty that is death. For many it is a spiritual task that involves deep rumination, on certain occasions it is merely a rash decision made by those who take their own life. Regardless of the choice at some point everyone must let go of their worldly possessions, family, and emotions.  End of life decisions tend to be heavily influenced by a person’s emotional state towards the terminal state of their existence. This end point highlights the three subsections of integrity; personal, professional, and intellectual due to its truly. Personal integrity is elucidated when an individual must decide if they chose to end resuscitation or continue on their journey, this journey may involve being hooked up to feeding tubes, respirators, and IVs for a good portion of their final days. This continuation allows for an increase in the longevity of life but the person must take into account if it truly increases the quality of which they will live out the rest of their life. Professional integrity is obviously highlighted by their decision due to its inherent effects upon the person’s ability to perform tasks. Intellectually true introspection must occur for the clarity that is necessary to make this sort of decision. All three subsections of integrity become united under one magnanimous decision which will decide a human beings final days. The significance of the connections is highlighted in their final choice, a strong intellectual character may signify that ending life now is the correct choice due to life’s unpredictability and occasional pointlessness, however the personal end of one’s integrity may conflict with the initial choice. This emotional bond to the world around them has prevented them from making the final plunge into death. These sort of interrelations unify under one cause to form the concoction of final choice for a truly final decision.


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