Discussion of Death

For the final blog of the class, I am choosing to talk about how America is a death denying culture and why is it so rare that we discuss death in out daily lives. My main belief as to why we are a death denying culture is that what happens after death is unknown and the only thing guaranteed in life is death. That alone is a very scary thought and why many people will avoid talking about their death or a family members death at all costs. Another reason why I believe death is difficult to talk about is that people are under-educated about death and the dying process. This is one of the reasons I took this class and now I am able to have an informed conversation and give insight upon the dying process.


My biggest fear is not knowing how it is that I’m going to die. I remember when I was a little kid, just beginning to understand death, and having the most vivid and horrifying dreams about different ways I was dying. I tried to calm myself down by saying to myself it was just my minds way of showing me every way I couldn’t possibly die. I believe everyone thinks about death quite often and if someone were to say they aren’t scared of death, they’re lying. Throughout our course, I learned all the different types of media influences imposed on us, shaping our view of death. When watching the news, vary rarely will you see a story related to a person passing away peacefully. The news focuses on the mass shootings and the weekly murder that happens on some popular street. When people see these stories so often, they cant help but have a negative outlook on death. Over the past semester, my willingness to talk about death has definitely been opened. This is why I am thankful that I was able to take this course and it definitely changed my attitude toward anything related to death in America.


One thought on “Discussion of Death

  1. I agree with many of your points throughout this post. America is most definitely a death denying culture. Many people throughout our society are very uncomfortable talking about death. With that, many people are also uneducated about death and what needs to be done to prepare for it. Its important to always have a plan of what a person wants. Having a plan ensures that a person wishes are met as well as taking a burden off of the family. I also have a completely different outlook on death and dying after taking this class. It’s given me so information and knowledge on how to deal with and prepare for death.

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