A Better Outlook on Death

 It’s interesting to be writing this blog post exactly 9 months from the day that completely changed me and my life. When I first chose this course to take this semester, the main reason behind it had to do with the fact I had recently lost my grandmother on March 2 and simply wanted to learn about different ways to cope with it. This being the first time I lost someone very close to me, I was unaware of even where to begin with the grief process let alone how to get through it. So reflecting on the past 16 weeks of this class, and the past 9 months since my loss, I can see a vast change in my mentality and my acceptance of death. That part of the course was the one that stood out to me the most, the attitudes we have towards death. Asking myself real questions like would I want to be on life support, DNR or considering a living will really opened my eyes to the reality of dying. Through Thanatology and the different perspectives of how we as a society view death, I was able to relate and understand more what was natural to experience through this time of grieving. Terror Management, a term I heard several times from the hospice social worker, was finally clearly identified to me through this course. As Ernest Becker wanted our society to understand, all human behavior is subconsciously motivated by a fear of death, which is so true for many of us even if we don’t admit it. I received great closure for my grandmother’s death throughout the different aspects of this course and I also realized many people are going through so many similar situations. My outlook on death and my attitude towards it, has changed drastically and I attribute that a lot to this course.




One thought on “A Better Outlook on Death

  1. My condolences on your loss. I can imagine the pain of losing someone so close to you. It is true that the pain never goes away but the only thing that helps sometimes is time. Our loved ones are gone from the physical world but they are never forgotten. I have also had similar revelations after taking this class. I never dealt with death or the subject of dying well. Now, I have a better understanding and outlook on the whole process. I’m glad that this class has given you clarity and has helped you understand death and dying as well as shed light on how we grieve. Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

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