Blog 4: Organ Donation


One thing that really struck me in this course was the issue of organ donation. I was actually surprised that there are limits put in place to control some of the factors involved with organ donation. However, the issue that always gets me with this topic has to do with the distribution or who receives the organ donations. People always ask “do you think that it is fair for an eighty year-old to get an organ donation rather than a seventeen year-old?” Logically, the right answer would be no. It is generally said that a younger member would have more to offer and would be more productive in society than would be an eighty year-old. For example, a younger member has more to contribute towards education,the workforce, other careers and has a longer road ahead of them. So people may think that it is unfair to give an eighty year-old, who has already given a lot to society, an organ donation when someone else’s life could be cut short. Though, when you start thinking about putting laws in place to prevent this from happening, it stirs up the realm of medical ethics. What if that eighty year-old was your mother or grandmother? You would not want to let them go, but you would not want to feel guilty either for taking someone’s life. I know that if I were put in a position to actually choose between my grandma or a child getting an organ donation, it would be extremely difficult, but I would want the child to get it. The reasons for this are because it is not normal to see the death of children as a normal or acceptable event, and that children are the gift of life that keeps the world going. Overall, when I think about this, there is no good solution that is going to come without sacrifices. I suppose that the way things work now are how the should be, it just depends on the individual’s perspective.



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