Blog 4


`           For my final blog, I want to discuss how America really is a death denying culture. This class has really opened my eyes to how people never really discuss anything about death. When I tell people that I am taking this class, they’re first shocked that there’s a class called death and dying, but they’re mostly interested in what we actually talk about. I straight up tell them we talk about death.  It feels funny to say we talk about death because I can’t say before this class I’ve told someone I was talking about death. For some people it’s weird to say it to because death is such a sensitive subject for some people. It’s crazy how some people cannot discuss this topic. I totally understand where they are coming from because if I had a family member or someone very close to me pass away, I would have a tough time talking about death too. The reason I think people are so sensitive to talk about death is because of how real death is. One thing we talked about death very early in the semester was how death is irreversible. Once a person dies, they cannot come back. That is very hard for a lot of people to cope with. An example I can use from recent events is that in close family friends of mine, the dad died. The daughter was having a very tough time coping with the fact that her dad will never walk through the front door again. I too would have that same reaction if one of my parents were to die as well. I know that it would make talking about death a sensitive subject for the rest of my life because talking about it would get the emotions of losing the close one stuck in my mind again. However, I do feel a big part of maturing, as an individual is to accept the fact that they lived a good life and to cherish the memories that you had with. We shouldn’t be sad because they died, we should be happy because they lived. 


2 thoughts on “Blog 4

  1. It is funny telling people I am in a class called Death and Dying. People are like what could you possibly learn in that class you die the end. I have to explain to them that death is a process a sequence of events that takes place. How we interact with patients, family members, and friends. Americans deny death more then any other culture I have every came across and even though we have improved medical advancements, We still choose to act like death is something that needs to be kept quite. Working in a hospital death is not be talked about at all and they expect us to ignore it regardless of what the patient ask us. Patients need to be better educated on the death process so their not so scared and try to feel more comfortable about their situation.

  2. People are always so shocked when I tell them I am taking Death and Dying, too! They always want to know what all we talk about, and the basic answer is death. Everyone thinks it is so weird to talk about death, but after this class, I am much more open about it. I took this class because I wanted to be able to know more about death, and I wanted to be able to talk about it. After my dad passed away, death has always been a very touchy subject with me. Every time I talk about my dad, I get really upset. This class has helped me become a little bit more open about it, even though it is still somewhat hard. Hearing everyone else’s stories about the deaths they have experienced makes me feel like I am not alone, and that has helped me a lot. Like you said, I feel like I have matured more after taking this class, too.

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