Blog 4: Thoughts That Resonated

In the middle of this course, we watched a documentary called The Suicide Tourist. This movie made me think about something that I had ever thought about before. At first, I thought about what a crazy idea this was and that people would never go through with such an extreme thing, but after watching this film I thought differently.

It is a crazy thought that people who are sick can travel to another country in the world other than the United States and choose to end their lives. This is something that I have thought about more than I wish since watching this film. I feel that the way they showed the couple and the husbands decision to end his life was portrayed well. They didn’t attack any of the parties, everyone was equally represented. By this I mean the company that provides the medication that causes death and the people that decide to take their lives are both portrayed well. No one party is attacked or shown in a bad light.

Two things really hit home with me however. The first being that the daughter talks about how her father didn’t want his children to be there and just talking about his decision to do this. The other thing was how his wife handled the whole situation. I do not think I could have handled this situation with such clarity and peace. I would have been an emotional wreak, whether I was the wife or the daughter in this situation. I do understand that the man was suffering and did not want to lose his dignity any further, but when he made this decision, he effected many people in his life. I am an only child and extremely close to my father. If something happened to my father and he made a decision such as this, I honestly do not know how I would respond. I think that this is a main reason why I have thought about this film so much.



2 thoughts on “Blog 4: Thoughts That Resonated

  1. I definitely enjoyed this movie as well. I never knew about Physician Assisted suicide until we learned about it in class. I think this subject is very controversial. There’s always going to be more than one victim in this situation… the person who decides to end their life of suffering and the person who loves them. I am not sure how I would handle this situation either. I love my father, he has always been a role model and he’s one of the funniest guys I know, I would be devastated and I know I would not take it lightly. Yes, there’s talk about dignity, but I could never be happy with someone I love making this decision nor would I want to support it. However, if I were the one suffering and I had a terminal illness that progressively got worse or would not get better I would consider Physician Assisted suicide. I have to admit I would be probably be a hypocrite in this situation. I would want full support.

  2. This movie impacted me as well. After I saw that man take away his life, I was shocked. I do not think I could ever do that. It is crazy how people can just take away their lives just like that. I was also surprised at how calm the wife reacted. I would have been a wreck too. I guess it is just something people have inside them. The wife was definitely very strong, and she did not cry at all. She prepared herself for that situation, and when the time came, she did not drop a single tear. This movie was an eye opener to different situations and to people who think completely different to me.

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