Coping & End of life Decisions

Until this semester, death has never been a topic that has impacted my life until now. This course has taught me every aspect of death in and out of the classroom. Two topics that we have discussed in class that stood out to me the most was end of life decisions and how to deal with death. Over the course of the semester, I learned how to cope and deal with death due to the recent death of my beloved cousin and how to deal with end of life decisions with my grandmother who has recently become very ill. This semester has been hard but with the help of this course, my understanding and knowledge has helped me surpass the worse.

About three weeks ago, my cousin expectantly died. The news was heartbreaking and till this day, it is still hard to imagine her gone. Learning about the different types of grief has helped me understand that it is ok to express grief the way I choose to and has also taught me the ways I would not want to become. The grief that I am currently going through is normal grief. I think about her almost every day so far. I like to enjoy thinking about the moments of when we were younger. I know in my heart that she would not want me to suffer because of her death. Complicated grief can make a negative impact in life. Complicated grief can cause distress, anxiety and depression. I know that my cousin would not want me to go through this nor anyone in our family. R.I.P Crystal


            Recently, my grandmother has been going through some major changes in her life. Over the past year, she has been in the hospital for many of her illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. In the past month, my grandmother is now living with my parents and has become mentally impaired. She is starting to forget and is very easily confused. As of now, we believe she has some type of dementia. My mother and I have been trying to convince her to sign the paper which states my mother as her legal guardian. I have taught my grandmother that she is in a state where she cannot do many instrumental activities of daily living such as paying bills and making her Spanish dishes. Making my mother her legal guardian can help my grandmother because my mother can now make decisions for her that she cannot make on her own. We have also made a living will and plan to address anything that my grandmother feels she needs to talk about.


Overall, my experience in the course has helped me cope on my own and teach my family members about my grandmother’s situation. It is important to make decisions about the future because death can be unexpected. 


2 thoughts on “Coping & End of life Decisions

  1. I am sorry to hear about your losses. I think this was a great class for you to be enrolled in! For sudden deaths in the family to happen in this manner must be really difficult. I hope the coping techniques we learned in class helps you through your mourning process.

    As for your grandmother, I have a great grandmother who is going through the process of Alzheimer’s disease, too. My family has not expressed any desire to make a living will for her yet, but I think we should do that, too. It seems difficult to persuade an older generation to be “prepared” for events such as this, but it would help everybody else in the long run.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your loss and that your grandmother is very ill. I hope she gets better. I’m glad to hear that you made your mother a legal guardian for your grandmother. In a situation such as your grandmothers, she needs all the support she can get, and hearing that you have so much care in your family, Your grandmother is in amazing hands! Im really glad that you look this class! Learning and understanding everything about death probably made you a stronger person and help you cope on your own overall. I really do hope that your grandmother gets better! 🙂

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