Death and Dying


There are so many things I had never even considered before I took this class. Some of the few thoughts I had on death is that there is a degree of hysteria surrounding it whenever it happens. Thankfully I have never personally been too close to any tragic or sudden deaths. Also very few close family members have passed away. The hardest aspect of any funeral for me is typically to see the person who is most saddened by the loss and their reaction.

That being said, I have never experienced a loss I was not able to handle thus far. When my grandfather died, he had been battling Parkinson’s disease for many years, and had been slowly fading away for a while. In a similar way, my grandmother had battled Alzheimer’s disease for many years before finally passing away. In both of these circumstances the loss was foreseeable, and we had the concept that they were dying for a little while before they actually did die.

Loss, for me, is an interesting concept. When we did the activity that you had to write down all of your favorite things and cross them off as you went along, I really discovered a lot about what I would hate to lose. I have always known that when I lose my dad I will be very emotional, and difficult to console, and I know that if I were to unfortunately lose my fiancé I would be out right inconsolable. But I suppose I didn’t really realize how much my friends meant to me, as I found myself giving up my favorite parts, even of my body, in order to keep them on my list.

I say all of that almost as a disclaimer in order to say that loss has been an easy experience for me so far. The losses that I have experienced have been manageable, and predictable. But most importantly I have an easy time with loss because I have a deep and strong faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, that He has the few family members that I have lost with Him, and that they are in a better place. If it weren’t for some of the few that I have lost, my parents may not have grown up with the strong faith that they did, and if they had not grown up with the strong faith which they had, then neither would I. And this faith that they helped to grow in me is the one thing that I shall never, ever lose.



One thought on “Death and Dying

  1. I felt exactly the same before entering this class. It’s crazy how death can be such an interesting topic. I feel the same way when you said that it’s hardest to see the person most saddened by the loss. When I lost a friend in high school, the hardest part was having to see his mom. She was so broken down that it made me break down.
    I too would not know how to deal with losing someone very close to me. If either one of my parents or my brother were to pass I would not be able to handle it. Lastly I really enjoyed your final paragraph. You always need to keep faith.

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