Journey to believing in an Afterlife…


As I grew up my parents made the effort to direct me towards a Catholic life. I was baptized, I made my communion, and I made my confirmation. I attended church every Sunday and went to confession as needed. I hoped that by following God and I would go to heaven because as a child I visualized heaven as being a beautiful and painless place. I wanted to strive for a pleasant life after death.

When I got to the high school level my views started changed. I started to get more into science and I questioned if our world was created not by God, but by one of the scientific theories stated in my textbook. To add to my confusion my grandfather told me he did not believe in an afterlife; when you died that was it. My grandfather has always been a wise man, and I looked up to him. His words always left an impact on me.

Another significant, yet unfortunate event left me lost as well. My best friend passed away and I could not understand how God could take someone so special away. I stopped attending church and I stopped believing because I was so angry. I was in denial for a long time, I could not find anything to take away the pain of losing my best friend, someone I absolutely loved and adored.


When I could not figure out how to let go of all of the anger and hurt, I realized maybe it was because I lost faith in God to help me through those hard times. I decided I needed to instill my trust in God again. I started attending church again and I found myself emerging from that dark place and finding peace with the loss of my friend.

I know one day I will see her again. I know where she will be too… in heaven. I believe that if I live a life with morals and values I will get there. On Final Judgment Day when God judges us for both the good deeds we have done and the sins we have committed, I believe that my good will outweigh the bad. I believe I will go to heaven and reunite with my best friend. I am thankful my parents took the time to direct me towards a Catholic lifestyle because I think everyone needs something or someone to believe in.



2 thoughts on “Journey to believing in an Afterlife…

  1. I really loved reading your blog. I grew up in a christian community. My parents also directed me towards the life of God. I also thank them for doing that because God is the right path in life. I believe that everything happens for a reason. We might not know now why things happen, or why people go away, but God does, and we must be patient and trust Him. I also had a friend who lost someone very special. However, she got strong by going to church and by believing that God has a reason for everything, and that He will always be there for us through every obstacle in life.

  2. Your blog touched my heart when I read it, I teared up. Just as you, I was fortunate to have parents who introduced me to a Christian life. God is the one and only that keeps me going. You have to have the utmost faith in him, even when its hard and doubt crosses your mind…God is always there. Even when things occur that you can’t explain or understand, you have to trust that He knows what he is doing. I have to keep faith and see the positive in everything. It helps me stay strong, keep at peace, and be happy. As hard as it may been, I’m so glad you went back to God. You may have left, but He never left you and knew you would be back for good. I don’t know where I would be without God and Jesus Christ in my life, I can’t do it alone. God Bless. And God Bless to your best friend, I know she is smiling down from Heaven over you everyday.

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