。◕‿◕。 LIVE & DIE .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

There was an in-class activity that opened my eyes to the differences and similarities of how we view death. In this discussion, the classmates and I opened up on our feelings about death, how we would want to die, and how we would never want to leave this earth. From that point on, I discovered that we live in a society which fears death. Simultaneously, we are also a culture that has evolved to become numb to the news of death. Whether death is found in the newspapers, movies, games, word-of-mouth, or other media outlets, we seemed to have developed this uncanny skill of brushing the grim reaper off our shoulders.


Rather than embracing death, we’ve learned how to push death away as if it was a defense mechanism or THE cure to prevent us from the inevitable truth— the truth that we too will one day die (If only we could harness the powers and medical technologies of the Pokémon Center).

GenIIIHoennPokemonCenter (Click for a funny comic)

We’re too busy not being in the NOW. We tend to over analyze our past (I wish I wasn’t so awkward at that one party). And we also tend to over analyze our future (If I don’t do well on this “Death and Dying” exam, I am never going to be successful). Fearing the unpleasant past or the unknown future limits you as a person. Awhile you’re stressing out about two conditions which you can’t ever have full control over, you forget to focus on the present (Unless, you met the Doctor or own a time machine). The present is the one phase of time that you have absolute control over.

Once you lock in on what is around you, you will understand what it means to live. Living is doing the best with whatever you want to do by exposing your highest potential to everyone around you every day. You can have the ups and downs to life, but that’s totally natural. When a person fully appreciates life and has the will to become better every day, death will no longer be so scary. Think about it. You do what you want and you did what you want.

images (3)

We’re only afraid of death, because it is unavoidable and unstoppable. Once it happens, you won’t have the chance to do what you planned to do this weekend…Or the next weekend. Whether we believe in an afterlife or have different ideas of how we want to pass away, death will never go away. The one thing we can all agree on is that we are much happier when we learn to take control of our lives, know our goals, and work towards them.

Remember, YOLO.



2 thoughts on “。◕‿◕。 LIVE & DIE .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

  1. That comic was hilarious! I agree, living in the now is something we all should do and in doing so, hopefully everyone can learn to not fear death. I believe that we should embrace everything that is going on as soon as we wake up, till we go back to sleep and everything in-between. Yes, we all go through individual problems that vary in severity, but if you let them, those problems can overwhelm and lead to a sad aspect on life. Something that I feel people can change. We all were born on this planet, not by our choosing, without a purpose other than living and being a part of the beautiful world we wake up to everyday. I think if you’re feeling down just take a look around.

  2. This is the best post on this blog, hands down. I love the positivity of your perspectives and the idea of “embracing the now” is just lost to too many people. I think it is okay to over-analyze the past and future as long as it is in a productive manner, but it does no good to dwell in a time that you do not have the power to change. Every day we wake up and are able to make our own decisions is a blessing no one ever seems to embrace. It’s become so ritualized that we are no longer grateful for it. Hopefully people can learn from this post and love themselves and their gift of life.

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