Living Will


Throughout this semester, I have learned a lot when it comes to death and dying. We covered plethora of topics and it honestly has been the best class I have taken in college because I know for a fact I will use the information I have learned in the future and I know it will help me better understand when a loved one is dying. One topic that really grabbed my attention was the topic of living wills and end of life decisions. I have been very lucky in that I have not experienced a death of a close friend or family member. I do have this horrible fear of losing my parents, now I know they will pass one day but this specific lecture opened my eyes to end of life decisions and to understand that when that time does come, I need to let go.


During the lecture I started thinking about living wills and whether my parents had one or not. I automatically got anxious thinking about if something were to happen to them tomorrow, I wouldn’t know what kind of decisions they would want. Not only that, but I thought about what if something were to happen to me? I had never thought about what I would want or who I would want to make such an important decision. As soon as class ended, I called my mom and asked her if she had a living will and she said no. I explained to her what we learned in class and I convinced her make one and even convinced my dad as well. I feel like when it comes to end of life decisions, it is really important to take into account what that person wants and how they want to live in their last moments. I know I want to be comfortable and enjoy my last days with family, while others might want to continue with treatments and do what ever they can to extend their life. Like in the article that we read from Susan Jacoby, it says only 69 percent actually discuss it with their spouse or children. I found that number to be really high and I feel like it’s everyone’s responsibilities to talk about it with family and be educated on the topic so that loved ones know. Overall, it was one of the topics that I remember the most from the semester. I really enjoyed this class and I found it so interesting and fascinating. 

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2 thoughts on “Living Will

  1. I agree we should have a plan set in place for when the day comes, so our families can be better prepared in how to handle our situation. If we do not have a living will set in place family members can become confused as to what they think could be best for us and could also create a divide amongst family members in making the hard decisions. I need to get my living will set in place even though I have already expressed my wishes it does need to be documented so there will be no question as to what I would like happen to my remains.

  2. I strongly agree that the information learned from this class can easily be used in our everyday lives. Drafting a living will or advanced directive does seem like an important step we should all take in life, so that the anxiety that you feel for your parents, for example, and even yourself, can be alleviated. Knowing which procedures, treatments, and outcomes a person wants and which ones they do not are crucial in maintaining a person’s quality of life. It should be in the best interest of everyone that could be involved in someone’s end of life decisions to know exactly what that person wanted and what can be done to ensure that their wishes are met.

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