Prompt #4: Suicide



Suicide is something many people look at as a cowardly way out of life. Suicide though can be much more complicated then that. That is what I’d like to use this blog to talk about. Suicide itself can be caused from someone simply not wanting to live anymore because of mental distress but it can also be caused by different kind of diseases of which are terminal. For example, some diseases such as cancer, many people are diagnosed and told they only have so long to live. Now, this may make someone want to live his or her life to the fullest or they could resort to suicide. Now, this is where the controversy comes in. Should we, as human beings, have the right to choose whether or not we want to live or die, or should this right be something that other people such as family and friends should have a say in.


This is where something called physician assisted suicide comes into play. This is normally where most of the controversy comes into play. Only in a few countries is physician assisted suicide accepted and the United States of America isn’t one of those countries. Personally, I do not accept this as something that should be done. It just seems morally wrong in my eyes for many reasons. What if the patient has a mental issue and can’t make fully sound decisions on their own. And what if the patient and physician have a language barrier and they’re unable to communicate that they don’t actually want it or don’t want it in a certain way. Overall, I feel that physician assisted suicide is wrong and shouldn’t be accepted in any manner, regardless of whether the patient thinks they’re capable of making that decision knowingly.


Overall, suicide will always be a very controversial topic and will be argued for generations to come, I just hope that one day we can agree on what is and what isn’t acceptable.


One thought on “Prompt #4: Suicide

  1. Suicide is a very sensitive and painful topic for most, especially for families that have been effected by suicide. Based on religious beliefs suicided is not acceptable in any form and i agree with that. If god had wanted the easy way out for us he would have given it to us. Sometime we need to go through such things to make us appreciate what we have or what we have been blessed with. Taking your life just because things aren’t going your way, or because the loss of a loved one is so painful that the only escape seems to be suicide is totally unacceptable, by society , culture and religious beliefs . Physician assisted suicide is where things get complicated, yes its there to help people that are experiencing poor quality of life, and going through pain every day of their life, feeling like they’ve become a burden on the family and loved ones is no excuse to want to take ones life. I must admit i feel some type of way about people that are suffering, my own brother suffers from MS and he has his good days and his bad ones, but never has he uttered the thoughts of suicide, he always says ” God has a greater plan for him” and that we need to learn from what he is going through. Ethically its unacceptable, and I totally agree with that .

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