Of all  the issues that we have discussed in class the one that I remember most is the topic of Survivors: understanding loss. Each person deals with loss in their own way. Personally I have experianced many cases of losing loved ones and friends. I have seen how each individual loss has impacted the people around me. 

One of the people that I have lost is my uncle. I watched as my aunt dealt with losing her husband after being fully supported by him for years. My Aunt was unable to hold a steady job due to health issues so losing my uncle was a big deal for her. Watching how she dealt with his loss exposed that each person does go through stages of grief differently. Her grief stages lasted different amount of times for each stage and she did not go through the five stages completely. This confirms what we learned in class that grief is highly variable and that the 5 stages of grief does not apply to everyone in the same way or at all. 

The second experiance that I have encountered with death was my beloved cousin Kelli. She died at the young age of 25 years old leaving behind a 1 year old son. She died from a rare form of liver cancer. She was very sick near the end of her life and as family, some of us had anticpated her death. The grief process started earlier than it would have because of her diagnosis. Her death also was traumatic/complicated due to her young age and the fact that as a society “it was not her time”. Her mother also is still having a rough  time with her death. The issue of losing a child is very traumatic for a parent. 

These two examples clearly showed to me the issues involved with being a surivior of a loved ones death. Image


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