The Right to Die: A Basic Human Right


Death has a part of life as long has life itself has existed. Throughout our history, human beings have always feared them, and therefore have taken measures to prolong life and delay the inevitable coming of death. In our lifetime, with the huge progress that has been made in medicine, research, and technology, we have pushed the limit of life. Death is no longer seen as the absence of breathing or a pulse. We now are able to sustain life even when it seems like death is apparent and imminent.

Regardless of how one feels, that is a good; to have the possibility of being kept alive. However, what happens when someone does not want to be kept alive. We claim to be a society about personal freedom, yet we deny what should a basic human right: the right to die. People make the argument that life is sacred and that it is going against God’s will for someone to want to die. The problem with this argument is that it is purely based on religious and personal beliefs, which greatly varies among individual. What if I do not belief that my life is sacred? Why should someone else’s belief interfere with a decision about my personal life? If someone deems it unnecessary or unworthy to live as result of a disease that is incurable or too painful; or an accident that left him/her permanently disabled, why shouldn’t that person be able to choose to end his/her own life, since HE would be the one to have to deal with the situation.

It is preposterous that, as a society, we put to death perfectly able people who still want to live (whether they actually deserve it or not is questionable), yet we refuse to grant the wishes of people who do not want to live because it is too painful. We are so obsessed with prolonging life that we make it more about a pulse, than all the joys that come with living.

Death should be a basic human right; just like living. If it does not hurt anyone else, then I do not see why someone who no longer wishes to live should be forced to do so based on the beliefs of a group of people in society.


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