The Unbelievable Cost of Funerals

For my final blog I decided to write about the costs in the funeral industry. This is something that really stood out to me because I think it is more than unfair how much everything costs. Not only is the family already going through a hard time but now they have to fork out so much money to be able to give the funeral the person may have wanted. I know that it is not a requirement to have a nice, expensive funeral but the person should be able to have that. I know in some instances of huge financial crisis the county will then fund the burial but in that case we all know everything will be done as cheap as it can come. I really do not think it is fair that even after someone has died they are still getting defined by what social class they are in. I also think that people that sell items used for a funeral would be more likely to rip people off. In one of our lectures it was said that “the bereaved are not in any position to shop around for the best deals” as well as the emotional state at the time around a funeral does not always allow for “objectivity and cool headedness.” Unfortunately people that are out to make money will take advantage of these kinds of people and make them pay a lot more than they need to for what they are getting. As well as everything being so expensive, there are multiple different things that you have to pay for such as; professional services, embalming, body disposition, caskets, facilities, intake fees, etc. It is just crazy to me that in a time of such grief you are required to pay large sums of money to be able to have your loved one put to rest.



3 thoughts on “The Unbelievable Cost of Funerals

  1. I completely agree. It is mind boggling to me to see what this world has come to. You spend all of this time earning a paycheck to put food on the table, keep a home, and stay healthy. People go through enough throughout their lifetime and that breaking point is losing someone they love. That is devastating and because they are so emotionally distressed they are only thinking about the loss. Nothing else. So yes, they do not have to time to shop for “great buys”. It’s terrible that funeral industries use that to their advantage and maybe some of them don’t, but I agree most of them do. At some point too, after the grieving process has come to an end or the person has at least started to heal, they are going to have to face the amount of money they spent to bury a loved one. I mean who doesn’t want a beautiful funeral for their loved one? But it should not be so expensive and you’re right it’s not fair that you are defined by what social class you are in.

  2. The funeral industry will always be making money because death is inevitable and everyone wants to celebrate their loved ones and give them what they wanted. You would think since funerals happen daily, that the prices would not cost so much. They have to be making a ton of money; then again, not many people would want to embalm their own kin, so I can see why the job pays a lot. Many of the funerals of family friends that have happened in the past few years have asked for money towards the funeral costs instead of sending cards or flowers. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I understand the flowers and cards won’t have much significance after the funeral, but not having any flowers at a funeral because the cost of the casket is too much is sad to think about. I agree that the costs of funerals is outrageous and it is hard on the family to have to pay such sums after a loss. Hopefully in the near future the costs of funerals won’t be so much and we can honor our dead at a reasonable price no matter what social class you’re in.

  3. I agree with this post one hundred percent. I think it is ludicrous that the funeral industries can charge so much to a family that is already going through a difficult time. Unfortunately, this is something that I do not think will change in the near future or at all. Because of the privacy and little known information regarding this process, funeral homes do not need to further educate the public, so they do not. I however, feel like they should. I do not know how these people are okay with doing this, but they profit heavily from it.

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